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  1. gcha8e

    Is the shut down a cover for spending massive amounts of money on something other than a wall?

    The end of the world... yet again. The narrative is this, Trump is threatening to use Pentagon funds to build a wall with his emergency powers. I am worried that in so doing, he will be taking the steering wheel of the car that BUsh and Obama built for him. Under Bush: the Patriot Act...
  2. gcha8e

    Now that the election is over, is there a clock ticking?

    Recent events today make me wonder.... I've been wondering for a while how the Trump Administration's 1st term cycle ends. It's crazy to think he could be reelected. I've always been thinking Trump would not seek a second term. Okay the recent events are simple. Stocks are going down...
  3. gcha8e

    Mass Consciousness is real, and Christians are assimilating into a hive mind (God).

    In my personal study and reflection on Jesus Christ and God, I came to the conclusion that God is not 3 unique persons, but rather that God is actually one person who interacts with us in 3 distinctly different planes of reality. Those 3 planes are: 1) Physical (Christ is the physical...
  4. gcha8e

    Sex cult exposed, Hollywood connections?

    Connected with one of the stories on the VC news page, just reported this story on actress Allison Mack, charged with sex trafficking.
  5. gcha8e

    Gun control phase "X" ???

    by "X" I simply mean that there are various "pushes" for gun control. However, they are not all about gun control but about people control. The Sutherland Springs, TX shooting appears to be an example (whether false flag, or not) of the next wave of people control. It is NOT about taking...
  6. gcha8e

    Crisis actor watch - Sutherland TX shooting - post your observations.

    This is not a warning, this is a "watch". As far as I know the shooting is real. I am suspect of some things I've read, but it seems legit, never the less, some of the storyline seems off, and the details and the family and relatives of this guy need to be watched for acting. I am not very...