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  1. Bianca

    It’s time to fight for our Freedom, I’m scared...

    I’m depressed & have to say something... it’s like one day they told us to stay home, and we did. And now my once thriving neighborhood of small businesses has been reduced to a sea of “For Lease” signs in just a matter of months. How much longer will we sit back & take it? I feel like the...
  2. Bianca

    Just got blocked on Twitter for Starting a Petition for FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON SOCIAL MEDIA

    I created a petition for #FreedomofSpeech on #SocialMedia & Twitter blocked me... I have never cursed out someone or said anything hurtful, I promote #Truth & #FreeSpeech...but I somehow #violated #Twitter rules?! WTF?! Apparently they don’t like the #watermarkedballots... WOW (Sorry I had that...
  3. Bianca

    Petition Created for Freedom of Speech on Social Media & Internet Platforms

    Hey all, so I am VERY new to this (and open to revisions/suggestions!) but I felt like I HAD to do something, so I created a Petition to ensure our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech applies to Social Media/Internet Platforms and does not allow for political bias to "block" users that...
  4. Bianca

    Bronies?! Am I crazy, or is this adult-male obsession with My Little Pony super creepy?!

    So I'm not sure if this common knowledge or not, but randomly scrolling through the internet today, I stumbled across "Bronies" & had to reach out to my fellow VCs. (As with most internet paths, I was reading an article, which led to other articles, which led to watching David Lynch's "Six Men...
  5. Bianca

    "Manic" Article/Analysis Missing from VC

    Whenever an article "disappears" from VC, I always feel like there is something dark that was exposed, and Netflix (or the infamous "THEY") decided to remove the article. I hate whenever this happens... Anyways, the reason I was looking for the article is because I figured out where the term...
  6. Bianca

    Missing Marina Abramovic Article???

    Hey all! Remember the Marina Abramovic article that was about her "Spirit Cooking"? Well, it has disappeared from VC.... I am wondering if it was deleted on purpose, or by outside forces? Thoughts? Thanks!