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  1. Daze

    Another beheading inside Nice church

    It is the details that make the official story fall apart. I salute you for your honesty.
  2. Daze

    Another beheading inside Nice church

    The Quran makes it clear all life is sacred. My boss is a Muslim and I've seen him save roaches. Literally. This alleged 21 yr old is as much Muslim as a KKK member buring crosses terrifying children is a Christian. You are seriously thick and incredibly bias Let me make the exact same cartoons...
  3. Daze

    Another beheading inside Nice church

    This has everything to do with the global boycott that Muslims were calling for against France, all of a sudden here comes a "Muslim" to behead someone. :rolleyes: Seriously, the premise alone is just vastly ignorant. Every 1 in 4 humans are Muslim. This is a fact. If Muslims were the way...
  4. Daze

    Another beheading inside Nice church

    Do you believe in the Easter bunny too? Serious question.
  5. Daze

    Why Can't Homosexual's Donate Blood? [video]

    To learn who rules over you, find out who you can't criticize. Channel links?
  6. Daze

    Why did God kill?

    Its an interesting question. I've never heard of angels eating, so clearly He can make a creation that doesn't need sustenance. I think i mentioned I'm a revert to Islam before? A few years back i done some electrical work for a born Muslim. I don't remember the exact conversation but he...
  7. Daze

    US election biden/trump poll

    The poll needs Kanye West. Wasn't he running? Pretty sure Tom Cruise put his hat in the ring too. Might as well add Bugs bunny. End of the day it doesn't matter what puppet we put in office. Nothing will change. What is democracy but the illusion of choice? Theater for the masses as...
  8. Daze

    Wearing a Mask

    Gate keepers, truth from time to time gives them credibility. In Tuckers case, he says you're a tin foil hatter if you don't believe in the official narrative to 9/11. Main stream media are press-titutes. Period. They get paid day in and day out to lie to you and they know they're doing it...
  9. Daze

    "Manic" Article/Analysis Missing from VC

    I skipped both debates. I have no interest in dinner theater. This is all it is, do you want coke, or pepsi? Would you like an apple or orange for desert? There is no difference what so ever when it comes to the repubitards or the demonrats. I don't "blame" Trump, he is merely playing his...
  10. Daze

    "Manic" Article/Analysis Missing from VC

    Its probably been 10, 15 years now but when GMO's were fairly new they developed a seed that would grow fruit / vegetables, but would not reproduce seeds. Hence farmers would be forced to buy new seeds every year because the gmo crops would not reproduce them. Farmers took out loans to buy...
  11. Daze

    Sobriety Support Thread aka The VC Anonymous Group

    Congrats, a journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step. Seems like you're well on your way. I've never been an alcoholic, but I had a tobacco addiction i struggled with for 16 years... finally kicked it for good on Sep 3, 2013. I tried quitting well over 100 times, in the end it...
  12. Daze

    Economic crash in a fews months?

    2 kinds of people receive revelation. Prophets and Awliya. There are no more prophets, with the exception of Jesus returning there will be no more prophets. So a prophetic dream isn't worth discussing because none today can have them. The other group, Awilya's, (friends of the Creator in...
  13. Daze

    Talking about her? Did he mention his promise to jail her FOUR years ago??? Absolutely...

    Talking about her? Did he mention his promise to jail her FOUR years ago??? Absolutely comatose. Ecstatic with the crumbs they throw you from their table. I'd tell you to go back to sleep but the truth is you never woke up to begin with. Keep on ignoring Trump being a frequent flyer on the...
  14. Daze

    Economic crash in a fews months?

    Like i said, only the Creator knows the future. Anyone else is most likely lying. The rare individual to get a prophetic dream / vision would be too hard for people like me and you to verify. Especially amongst a sea of liars living in an age of deception. Personally i avoid everyone who...
  15. Daze

    Economic crash in a fews months?

    The answer is yes and no. Well, it was possible is more accurate. There was a time when demons would go up to the heavens, listen to the angels, hear divine decree, then come back and relay that information to the fortune teller. This is how man tells the future, all of it is working with...
  16. Daze

    Yajuj, Majuj and Biden

    According to the Quran, Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog in Hebrew) were locked behind a barrier during the time of Dhul Qarnain. Everyday they dig through this barrier, only for the day to end and to come back the next day finding the hole filled back in. The Prophet (saw) said this will...
  17. Daze

    Economic crash in a fews months?

    In all honesty he's probably talking with a djinn / demon, assuming he's not missing a few marbles or just trying to profit off of the gullibility of others. Gold will eventually return as currency, but I think its a ways off, doubtful in our lifetime at least. Theres global protests and...
  18. Daze

    What is God for you ?

    God is as he has described himself. We define him by the names he has given himself.
  19. Daze

    Clearly you think he is. I'd ask which ped-o has he arrested in the last 4 years, which swamp...

    Clearly you think he is. I'd ask which ped-o has he arrested in the last 4 years, which swamp creature he drained, which bank he took money from, which soldier he sent home, which.. nah. Its pointless to get you to use critical thought. Just sit there and do nothing. The small hats are on...