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    Q Clearance Anon - a movement or radicalized conspiracy? | Thoughts?

    Greetings, my fellow Vigilant Citizen Forumers, As you have seen at Trump rallies, or on Social Media, there has been a substantial spike in believers of Q Clearance Anon. If you search on YouTube, you get Mainstream Media outlets calling it a sham, a community where people can gain confidence...
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    Nxivm ARRESTED FOR SEX Trafficking | Hillary / Barack Donators! |

    Read article: Backed up website, main one got deleted: Creepy images :OF FISHY! GOOD THING THE GOVERNMENT CAUGHT THEM!
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    AUSTIN, TEXAS BOMBER DEAD! | MASSIVE NEWS! Law enforcement officials identified the suspected Austin bomber who blew himself up as police converged on him as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt of suburban Pflugerville, where he lived with two roommates...
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    QanonPosts - Mysterious Website! | INTRIGUING |

    IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES, THEN YOU PROBABLY WON'T BELIEVE THIS WEBSITE. THAT'S OKAY! --------------- I found this site called, the poster named "Q" posts things about deep-state government, the secret lies to the American people, and predicting what will...
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    Why I Hate Political Parties (US)

    Hello folks, this thread will be talking about why I hate political parties. This thread will mainly focus on US political parties. There are a lot more political parties. Enjoy! This thread will be a shorter version and not a long thread. Medium read. Why I Hate Political Parties in the...
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    Raqqa Taken Over By Iraqian Forces From Islamic State

    BEIRUT, Lebanon — American-backed forces said on Tuesday that they had seized the northern Syrian city of Raqqa from the Islamic State, a major blow to the militant group, which had long used the city as the de facto capital of its self-declared caliphate. Celebrations erupted in Raqqa, where...
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    Suggestion For Vigilantcitzen Forums!

    Hello Vigilant Citizens, today I will talk about a suggestion to help improve the Forums. For people to read more accessible and to maybe make your writing look more natural, in a sense. My suggestion is something called "Justify" you can find this in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. This is a...
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    The Education System Is Broken

    Hello, excellent Vigilant Citizens! I will be talking about how the education system is broken, all around the world. Enjoy this post. Hopefully, you learn something. :D Firstly, the school system is preferred towards one type of student. As a school student says, "The school system is...
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    Share Your Fascinating Videos Or Thoughts!

    In this social and off-topic conversations forum. You shall share your fascinating videos or thoughts. Here are the rules: - Do not be a goofball. - Follow the Forum rules. - Post what makes your video or thought so fascinating. So maybe others can agree or disagree. - If you want to debate...
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    How Large Immigrant Migrations Threaten Other Countries

    Hello everybody! If you get offended easily, this should not be your cup of tea, but we can debate if you want too. I'm happy to see other people's opinions about this particular topic. Anyways let's get on the argument "Immigrants Threatening Other Countries." Firstly, my personal opinion the...