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  1. Wigi

    Who Will Win the 2020 Presidential Election?
  2. Wigi

    In your opinion, does every Nation owe Melanin people reparations?

    I don't owe you reparations, Germans today don't owe me reparations for WW2. I don't agree with 'my ancestors got hurt now it's your turn to get hurt' line of thought. And please don't use God as a justification for your nihilist wishes. "And Esau ran to meet Jacob, and embraced him, and fell...
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    US election biden/trump poll

    @polymoog Thanks for your in depth explanation, Us politics is a big mess. Wow that screams anti-constitutional I go to reddit when I want to read a more liberal stance but I thought some here would have in depth reasons to not see Trump winning.
  4. Wigi

    US election biden/trump poll

    Maybe I'm missing the point but democrat governors can decide to shutdown their states whenever necessary anyway, even with Trump in charge. Why Biden/democrats are portrayed as a demonic force who wants lockdown to ruin the country though? Where's their interest in that? What kind of changes...
  5. Wigi

    US election biden/trump poll

    I literally have no clue who's going to win this one and I will probably stay out of medias to ignore the results but i'm asking in your opinion who needs to win absolutely. Why is it bad for the world if a guy like Trump loses ? This campaign is marketed like neither sides can afford to lose or...
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    Tired of the Tattoo thing?

    I was rather neutral but now I don't subscribe to this tattoo thing and I really start to wonder if heavily tattooed persons are under possession. I mean for some, ink turns into an obscene addiction to the point they tattoo their face, eyes and mouth...
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    George Floyd/Protests/Peace/Riots/Chaos

    Why antifa acts like crypto satanists?
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    I feel we are going to the Slaughterhouse

    @Red Sky at Morning Yes that movie is captivating. @John K I think this Covid is just a distraction, I was way more worried during the ebola crisis. If we refuse the vaccine what happens anyway? What can force us to comply? They can't deport billions of people without a popular uprising...
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    Teacher in France beheaded for showing Muhammad cartoons

    Since you talk about fatwa, there was one : The prosecutor also said there was a "direct causal link" between the killing and an online hate campaign that was orchestrated against Mr Paty. The campaign was allegedly launched by the father of one of his pupils. The man, 48, who has been named...
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    Teacher in France beheaded for showing Muhammad cartoons

    "You can see how political Islam combines with radical Islam and so eventually leads to terrorism," Mr Darmanin said on Europe 1 radio. “We must fight political Islam with the same determination as we fight terrorism.” Even Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the head of the extreme-left La France Insoumise...
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    Teacher in France beheaded for showing Muhammad cartoons

    I'll say something you may not like but the nwo counts on Islam to create its most extreme elements. We can argue how and why they nurture radical Islam but the result is the same : People ask to deprive rights in the name of peace and safety, right wing separatists thinks it's further evidence...
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    Teacher in France beheaded for showing Muhammad cartoons

    This news saddened me so much I needed to stay out of this but I can't, that's so messed up even in a symbolic manner. It's not simply a progressive teacher sharing his opinion, he was teaching his class about citizenship and in it there is a program about freedom of speech that includes...
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    Favorite Bible Verses

    "Rest in the Lord , and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret— it only causes harm." Psalms 37:7‭-‬8
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    הַנְּפִלִ֞ים - The Nephilim

    I usually don't take the time to watch these kinds of stuff but here's a documentary I watched today For those who don't have time nor are willing to watch it, here's what caught my interest : (1:24) Flavius Josephus endorsing the story in his book of antiquities (5:22) The greek flood have...
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    2020 General Election Thread

    Trump has done a lot outside of US but little to nothing to protect the weak and the vulnerable inside of US. Since we're talking about foreign policy, why he's not officially putting an end to NATO by leaving or at least asking to remove Turkey from it since it is a legitimate threat for...
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    2020 General Election Thread Why don't they use their 'fact checkers' instead of censoring?
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    2020 General Election Thread

    That's my problem with this 'election', It's just a popularity contest and everyone looks doomed in the end. What happened to the drain the swamp stuff? Trump posts on twitter to pretend he's about to leak important informations then nothing happens. He's very smart, he knows what to do to lure...
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    Apparently there are satanists and magicians out there. I guess we can ask them what they hate the most which is likely Christianity or something revolving around Christians.
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    Arab invasion

    I would like to see this make the headlines. The thing is the following Immigration always had been a thing but what's new it's migrants crossing borders to commit crimes. This is not only puppet governments that cause problems, it's the people who come in a land that receives them who then...
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    Arab invasion

    Arab immigration is manufactured to cause a war. Those in power knows we don't have the same customs and progressive policies is a repulsive things for most immigrants. A lot of people who got stabbed by muslims in Europe were from LGBTQ communities, a lot of women that have been raped were...