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  1. z gharib

    Borat Catches Rudy Giuliani In Very Compromising Position

    During the filming of 'Borat 2', Rudy Giuliani was caught in a very compromising position
  2. z gharib

    Politics, porn and toxic world of deepfake

    Deepfakes are videos produced through the use of artificial intelligence. Melding images and sound, using things like face grafts, body transfers or voice imitations, they make people appear to say things they never said and do things they never did. They appear so real it is often difficult to...
  3. z gharib

    WWI CENTENARY-Who makes wars?

    Macron urges world leaders to 'fight for peace' on WWI centenary French president tells leaders on Armistice Day to 'build our hopes rather than playing our fears against each other'. French President Emmanuel Macron has urged dozens of world leaders marking a century since the end of World War...
  4. z gharib

    Modern-day slavery

    Modern-day slavery a growing problem in wealthy countries: report Slavery isn’t a problem restricted to developing nations. Modern-day slavery in rich countries is far higher than previously thought. The latest Global Slavery Index report found more than 40 million people across...
  5. z gharib

    Thanksgiving: The annual genocide whitewash

    .....On the surface, it may seem that there's not much to criticise about a holiday based on gratitude and eating - especially when it's accompanied by absurd spectacles like the presidential turkey pardon. But a glance at the historical context of Thanksgiving reveals a thoroughly nauseating...
  6. z gharib

    Who Is This Guy ?