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  1. lamb

    New X Factor Contestant (gregor Coleman) Symbolism

    his butterfly tattoo and shirt stood out to me. he also has a clock tattoo on his left arm.
  2. lamb

    Ariana Grande Mk Ultra Themed Video?

    i was watching this and scrolling down in the comments a couple people were saying it's mk ultra themed best explanation for video: they were both young and it seemed no one else is with them, it could be an attempt at a horror film. i didn't think it was mk ultra at all at first until i...
  3. lamb

    Walmart In Smart Houses walmart is offering a new service to smart homes where they unpack groceries in your own home. reminded me of all the fema theories going on as well as privacy concerns on smart...
  4. lamb

    Apple Iphone X

    anyone read about the face recognition software apple's including? we've already adapted to touch id and they are completely getting rid of it what are your thoughts on this? invasion of privacy or harmless? i mean snapchat's already been using facial recognition anyway
  5. lamb

    Wolves In Sheep's Clothing?

    what do you think the possibilities are of christian gospel singers being somehow involved in occultism?
  6. lamb

    La Devotee i think it's interesting how they casted the boy from stranger things, this is clearly some mk ultra symbolism...