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  1. polymoog

    US election biden/trump poll

    further discussion questions: 1 who wins? 2 by what electoral and/or popular margin? 3 how many vote recounts? 4 how many weeks after the election takes place will they drag it out until finally have an official winner? 5 how many days will there be rioting? BONUS: pick...
  2. polymoog

    banned members

    @VigilantCitizen : when you remove or ban an account, is it always permanent or do you issue temporary bans? is an account only removed from the member lists?
  3. polymoog

    george floyd hoax and beyond

    this thread is to be a continuation from this one:
  4. polymoog

    "...a world of pure type 2 diabetes..."

    moog here with another post that you cant live without if you wanna stay in school. in the original willy wonka movie (really the ONLY willy wonka movie), the group goes into the chocolate room. wilder sings his song and then lets the group pig out on non-GMO sugary snacks. Q: what do you...
  5. polymoog

    fascinating trees and plants

    ive read trees of southern africa by palmgrave twice now. there are some really special plants in there that i thought would make for an interesting thread. wood's cycad sure, its just a cycad, but this one is the last one on the planet. a single male specimen was found by john wood in...
  6. polymoog

    VC forum roast 2

    well, ladies and COVID germs! i was just as surprised as you were to receive my invitation to the second VC forum roast, especially during all of this flew hysteria stuff. i guess things were so crazy in the USA that VC decided to hold the second annual forum meeting in sweden. our friend...
  7. polymoog

    global day of action 13 june: expose bill gates quick summary for those who dont have time to watch: - derrick brozes site has seen a LOT more trolls/attacks on his website. - bill gates is unable to post anything on FB/twitter without being bombarded by truth - this is a CRITICAL time to get the...
  8. polymoog

    thwarting facial recognition software some of this is stupid, i agree, but the silicone/rubber mask isnt a bad idea at all. but do i have to pay extra for the double chin? joking aside, i like the spirit of what this guy is doing. good for him for being active. hes selling them for...
  9. polymoog

    VC forum roast

    well folks, this past week i was able to get my photos developed from the annual VC barbeque just when the edge is being taken off the summer heat. this year it was held in the american south, asheville, NC, USA. a good time with good eats was had by all. i was supposed to be seated at the...
  10. polymoog

    153's phony fake show vids

    this thread will be a spinoff of the 'best disaster thesbians' thread. this one is on the recent philly shooting. originally, it seemed like a real event. the preliminary hoax evidence was broadcast far and wide on twitter: the cop ran to his car and another cop dumped a substance on his...
  11. polymoog

    amazon ring device = surveillance

    Amazon’s Ring Is a Perfect Storm of Privacy Threats [ the original website ] August 8, 2019 By Matthew Guariglia Doors across the United States are now fitted with Amazon’s Ring, a combination...
  12. polymoog

    john mcafee, missing in action (19 min video) summary: familiar with the mcafee antivirus stuff? well, this is the guy who formed the company, made millions (billions?) and departed in the 90s. at some point, he managed to collect a LOT of dirt and secrets on people in high...
  13. polymoog

    project veritas exposes google

    Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on Hidden Cam banned on YT (of course)... 146K views on bitchute. not too shabby! so now we have proof that google is censoring conservatives or whatever they...
  14. polymoog

    4 day work week

    a great spin to be a lazy SOB. "yeah man, i dont work all week so i can save the planet even more." ------------------------------------------------------------ Paper straws...
  15. polymoog

    bilderberg 2019, switzerland lets hope we get some information this time. we were allowed to see the talking points, but there was not one leak (that i knew, at least). since jim tucker died, we have had little inside info.
  16. polymoog

    mozilla problems?

    i know i should be on brave, but is anyone else having a problem with mozilla add ons? all of mine crapped out on me. looks like i am not the only one:
  17. polymoog

    bedroom positioning

    get your mind out of the gutter! i am replying to elsbets comment on another thread: Ugh.. naturally I charge my phone using the outlet at head of my bed. -.- Another thread on here said it was good, I think, that the head of the bed was facing east. I'm gonna check that real quick. **...
  18. polymoog

    the beginning of the end of free speech? TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A bill prohibiting anti-Semitism in Florida's public schools and universities is going to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Senate unanimously passed the bill Monday, two days after a gunman...
  19. polymoog

    results of my EMF meter

    i recently bought an EMF meter from amazon for 168 USD. i got the trifield EMF meter model TF2 after sorting through the reviews, prices, and comments. i then spent about 20 minutes roaming around the house checking things out, and this thread is to provide the reader with some insight about...
  20. polymoog

    the anti- nano thread

    pantelleresco is the only one really talking about the dark side of nano. any more videos on this topic would be appreciated here.