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  1. Vixy

    Arab invasion

    One million for all of europe? Sweden have taken in over 2 million alone. Germany 12,165,083 migrants, France 6,5 million migrants and then the rest of europe on top of that. You are living in a dream world, you think all of europe has taken in one million migrants.. "Nice language for a...
  2. Vixy

    Arab invasion

    They cut off the finger of a swedish guy. Video in the link. Be careful, its alot of blood and well, watch on your own guard. Last week it happened to me aswell Myself I was sexually molested last Monday...
  3. Vixy

    Oprahs demons had enough of her

    You can see a light figure and her actually being kicked. LOL
  4. Vixy

    This is how they lower our males testosterone

    So, I am a big fan of Professor Christopher Exley who have found the cause of autism, ADHD, Alzheimers and is currently investigating MS. The brains of autistic people contained severely elevated aluminium levels compared to a neurotypical brain. He also found a way of chelating (binding) the...
  5. Vixy

    Arab invasion

    I post the links to the sourses so you can use google translate to read the articles. Today another thing happened where a young woman was jumped on the train by a migrant group that groped and lastly beat her down, shes so shook up she says shes not riding trains anymore, she will completely...
  6. Vixy

    Arab invasion

    My country is shock after the murder of a swedish boy named Tommy by an migrant who thought he was a racist after finding a cap with the initials of a political party. The boys female friend explained that no, Tommys just really into politics and reading/learning about it, there were caps from...
  7. Vixy

    Golden state killer/EAR Did Patton sacrifice his wife?

    So caught at 72 years old, the Golden state killer aka East Area Rapist is caught and admits: Now, I noticed the woman behind the book "I'll be gone in the dark" by Michelle Macnamara, died at 46 years old before the book was even finished and released and she was the wife of Patton Oswald...
  8. Vixy


    (Searched and searched, couldnt find a single thread on transgenderism only) Starts at 9:25, check out the ones in the past, OBVIOUS cases! Theyve been doing this for hundreds of years.
  9. Vixy

    END TIMES - A thread for all christians

    There it is, the red heifer to cleanse the ground of the third temple with. It's close.. Anyway, I feel I've done what I can on here, teaching those I could and got taught as much as I could so I feel ready to leave vc now. Hugs to you all and keep fighting the good cause! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3...
  10. Vixy

    I was contacted by a freemason

    This week I will have the last round at the memberlists so will check some names and then that'll be that. Only swedish names though. It hit me, sweden has the york rite and the US scottish rite but scottish rite doesnt have open membership lists? So what differs york from scottish when it comes...
  11. Vixy

    Zeolites - chelating heavy metals?

    But wait a minute, maybe I can help you out a bit here. in my country -sweden- we can buy chelating capsuleswith clay for say 30 dollars. maybe 40. Its cheaper, you just need to pay for the toll. Also what about EDTA?
  12. Vixy

    I was contacted by a freemason

    wow, betraying the brotherhood means shes drawing a curse upon herself and the next four generations after her. Is she aware of this? Remind her of the oath she took in the third degree but then again times almost up so its better he gets saved than to worry about you guys. I am a victim of this...
  13. Vixy

    Zeolites - chelating heavy metals?

    Do you have any recommendations besides a bloodtransfusion? :)
  14. Vixy

    Beirut Port Explosion

    It was to take out the court where the sentence of the murder of the primeminister in 2005 took place.
  15. Vixy

    Arab invasion They shot a 13 year old girl yesterday, she got in the line of fire.. Also a shoot out 150 meters from the police station of the area, lol...
  16. Vixy

    I was contacted by a freemason

    I looked in the latest freemason matrikel, the book of the memberlist they release once a year and he's not in it so hes lying. There are rumours saying they dont have to be in it if they dont want to (we have york rite iver here) but I dont know.
  17. Vixy

    Zeolites - chelating heavy metals?

    I believe so, yes. Aluminium causes so many mental disabilities and copper,, whoosh! Schizo and autoimmune and u name it.
  18. Vixy

    Zeolites - chelating heavy metals?

    Just remember it takes time, up to three years. I also gained weight from it. And its expensive. I really do wish thered be something faster than a diet.
  19. Vixy

    Zeolites - chelating heavy metals?

    Im on a detox diet, im not detoxing. Took the hair analysis, thats why. A diet can take up to three years to work. Especially if one has a calcium shell.
  20. Vixy

    Are the kabal immune against corona?

    Im on a special diet my natural doctor put together for me to detox from copper, maybe that could help? Lots of meat, vegestables and some carbohydrates to fill it out like quinoa.