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  1. Vixy

    Oprahs demons had enough of her

    You can see a light figure and her actually being kicked. LOL
  2. Vixy

    This is how they lower our males testosterone

    So, I am a big fan of Professor Christopher Exley who have found the cause of autism, ADHD, Alzheimers and is currently investigating MS. The brains of autistic people contained severely elevated aluminium levels compared to a neurotypical brain. He also found a way of chelating (binding) the...
  3. Vixy

    Golden state killer/EAR Did Patton sacrifice his wife?

    So caught at 72 years old, the Golden state killer aka East Area Rapist is caught and admits: Now, I noticed the woman behind the book "I'll be gone in the dark" by Michelle Macnamara, died at 46 years old before the book was even finished and released and she was the wife of Patton Oswald...
  4. Vixy


    (Searched and searched, couldnt find a single thread on transgenderism only) Starts at 9:25, check out the ones in the past, OBVIOUS cases! Theyve been doing this for hundreds of years.
  5. Vixy

    Zeolites - chelating heavy metals?

    Hey! I just sat in a several hour long phone call with a man about zeolites and its ability to chelate out copper and aluminium. Does anybody know anything about this? Supposedly one can drink it or place the stones on the body and bind the metals that way. Has anyone tried this and if so...
  6. Vixy

    Are the kabal immune against corona? This is a swedish aricle released today about how some bloodtypes seem to be immune or get very mild symptoms of corona. It had me thinking since the bloodline of the illuminati is the same for them all...
  7. Vixy

    An interview with adult ritual abuse victims

    Very interesting! AMongst other things they tell of that the police force now ask questions as to if you're a member of freemasonry whe entering the police academy and 2/3 (TWO THIRDS!) refused to answer the question. So basically almost ALL of the police force is corrupt. This is so bad you...
  8. Vixy

    Dean Martin talks of Adrenochrome

    "How do you wrap up..glaaands?" The Carson was almost shut own bc of Deans loose lips. He's so drunk he seems unaware of what hes saying.
  9. Vixy

    Biljana Djurdjević -Adrenochrome?

    Rumours say this woman is one of the adrenochrome drinkers. Look at her art, alot like those in the circle: Also just hit me what this scene was about, adrenochrome is supposed to be "youthifying".
  10. Vixy

    Babies grown in pods

    Keeps getting weirder. Will a mother bond with the baby without all the neccesary hormones and the feel of a life inside?
  11. Vixy

    Playground of a starved corpse giving birth

    What the hell is this and why is it looking like a starved corpse giving birth under great pain after she gets a brick to the head?
  12. Vixy

    Will you take the chip/certificate?

    Many on this site have turned and it comes down to a question if you will take the chip or not. I'd like to know whom of you will comply to the corona vaccine when it gets mandatory and a certificate to have taken it afterwards?
  13. Vixy

    Policeman on Student day in Sweden

    Look at his tattoo Theyre proud of what theyre doing. It's sickening! And in front of a bunch of students who probably dont know what that means.
  14. Vixy

    Paied protesters (BLM) -We found the site

    Check this out: We Assemble Movements From grassroots organizations to advocacy groups, we seed the narratives and gather the audience you desire. When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life. Unassailable Authenticity We are...
  15. Vixy

    The murder of George Floyd -A last nail in the coffin of martial law

    I found this interesting This April: And now military personell with weapons are in washington D.C and on their way out to be stationed. It's martial law and so was Corona, thats why Sweden didnt ground their population: we are already so obedient to this new world order, we dont protest...
  16. Vixy

    The Vessel or The Pinecone building in NYC

    The name and the place its built on...come on..! If this building isnt symbolic, what IS?
  17. Vixy

    I was contacted by a freemason

    So.. An old boyfriend of mine looked me up some months ago. Turns out he's a third degree mason and has confirmed everything Ive asked so far. We're only on a child level of questioning now but I'm thinking I'll go in deep about the DUMB's and adrenoshrome when the time's right. I was...
  18. Vixy

    Obamas speech presenting the new world government and antichrist?

    Hi y'all! (First of all sorry for making so many damn thread but I dont know wheather to make a new one or where to ask some questions so I end up with a bunch of new threads, I know it's annoying, sorry) Now I heard Obama was suppsoed to hold a speech today bringing in the new world...
  19. Vixy

    List of D.U.M.B's USA

    Now you cant type in the name of a DUMB and get a result, you have to go old school with long and latitude, thus these given. ARIZONA 1. Fort Huachuca. LOCATED AT 31°50′ N 1100 19’48″ W, May have a saucer base below, intelligence training above, mind-control . 2. Gates Pass Base 3. Gila...
  20. Vixy

    One eye sign swedish tv-show called "Married at first sight"

    Same 'ol, same 'ol.