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    Fyr€ f€stival and human trafficking

    Just watched a documentary and noticed a lot of containers yet the organizers and people said there was no food or water? So in the end what did those containers had? I wonder if those scam festivals like vestiville have a more sinister reason behind them. Why spend so much money on a festival...
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    Delete thread

    Can't write the whole name of this show but it's weird that no-one mentioned it here. This whole show is atrocious Not only she scams people but also she talks about using blood in her face Which is the wildly known as "adrenochrome". A lot of celebs do it and it's been said by theorists that...
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    Are narcissists poessesed? Why god bring them to our life even as parents? Serious question

    My narc mom is so different outside and different at home but when we are alone it's like she completely becomes demonized.Her voice changes,her look becomes scarier and totally cold.Yet no-one believes me when i talk about being emotionally abused except support forums on the net. Has anyone...
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    Dilion the hacker dead?

    Pewds just had his 100mil subs and became even more popular than ever.Now it is known that his nemesis as the article says has died. Weirdly enough the reason isn't disclosed.No cause of death is told.He was just 20 years old and typically when a popular person dies everyone knows the death...
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    Billie Elli$h illuminauti

    Post anything shady or occult reference you find about the singer.. One thing that puts me off is her brother is dating someone who looks exactly like her..
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    Justice for Jang Jayeon

    Jang Jayeon case proves that the entertainment industry is beyond disgusting and that in order to gain roles they force you to do sexual favors to powerful men. The list contains all sorts of important people and they are a lot who arent revealed. Also you should know that whats going on now...
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    Aaliyah thread

    I was just thinking about her last night. Wondering how in many of her videos her death was shown(her doing airplane poses,also there is an interview where planes are flying and she seems distressed)and also that there is a connection between one of her music video(journey to the past) and...