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  1. The X-Files

    Occult/satanic elements in time traveling stories (movies, series, videogames, books)

    Some time ago I read these words posted in the forums (in a thread about occult stuff in videogames): "I recently found out time traveling has to do with some satanic stuff". Such affirmation quickly got my attention, because I've noticed a certain pattern in time traveling stories (in movies...
  2. The X-Files

    Thoughts on Amazon's "The Boys"; pushing hidden agenda?

    I've seen some episodes of Amazon's newest and heavily promoted series, The Boys. The show isn't afraid of depicting graphic violence, nudity, drugs and other "adult" elements (they include an appropriate warning at the beginning, though). But I cannot help but wonder, is there something else...
  3. The X-Files

    Is Pink Floyd's music occult-free or not?

    These last weeks I've been depurating my digital music library. I deleted big folders with many gigabytes of music, some of them, entire discographies from artists and bands that I once loved (David Bowie, one of the most notable ones). So, basically I want to get rid of artists that have links...