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  1. BumbleBee

    Sympathy for the devil?
  2. BumbleBee

    Question about the Antichrist

    Hi there. Was just wondering if one of you knowledgeable people can help me with a reference. I keep hearing “the Antichrist comes in the name of love” on various videos etc. but I cannot locate where this is actually written. I assume it must be a biblical quote but I cannot find it. Thanks
  3. BumbleBee

    Pharma Getting Them Young

    Found this baby vaping kit on Instagram. Not cool. An interesting read for the tobacco vs pharma conspiracy is The Nicotine Conspiracy by the late great Allen Carr ( not the comedian).
  4. BumbleBee

    The Economist 2017 Star Tarot Card

    This is my first post here. I was looking into the articles about The Economist mag's 2015 year cover, which predicted the Paris attack with numbers of the date included on it's cover, and then flipped to the 2017 year cover (the one with the tarot). One enigmatic card, The Star, remained...