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  1. Dmitri

    Corey Feldman
  2. Dmitri

    Bible Codes: Nasa Discovery Of Nibiru Is Pre-messianic Warning To World [video] I thought NASA said that they did not find this planet ?
  3. Dmitri

    Your Thoughts On This Person Ok, this is a tough one. Many folks over years have "predicted" who the antichrist will be. One thing that has "evaded"...
  4. Dmitri

    David Meade - Again !!!
  5. Dmitri

    Clinton Found this online. What is interesting is her honeymoon with Bill and their visit to a voodoo ceremony
  6. Dmitri

    Katy Perry

    Just had a link on facebook describing how she collapsed after an incoherent rant. If you google "Katy Perry collapse" there are many links to various sites. Most of them mention MK Ultra. Here are a few links from google: