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    If the mark of the beast is a chip...

    If the mark of the beast is going to be a chip, and you get it, but then you cut it out yourself, will you still be damned? tbh, I am very very bored, The idea of 'Mark of the Beast removal kits' seemed funny... But I still think its a fair question.
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    Assemblies of God

    Anyone know much about these people? Especially in the UK?
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    A star called wormwood

    Its green!!!!
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    Hal Lindsey - Late, Great Planet Earth

    Long ago when I was very young, I had a cartoon version of this book. I also read the proper book. It has been a long time, and I am going to read it again to see how its predictions have held up over the years. Anyone else read it? cartoon or written... What did you think?
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    Coronavirus conspiracies

    I believe that this is a bio engineered weapon. It is being used to shut down normal life and turn everyone to living in the machine. Pope live streams, parliament by skype, everyone working and shopping online, electronic currency. The disease will kill mostly boomers and older. This is two...
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    Foster kids given to pedos, for sex.

    Despite this being in The Sun, it appears to be true.
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    Trans kid sues Tavistock Institute
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    What happens when the internet vanishes?

    The more dependent we become, the more power they have over us.
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    Poll: The illuminati are...

    I am just curious. Everyone seems to have a different opinion Edit. Also I am an idiot. The poll is messed up. There should have been an 'occultist' category of some kind. I tried to move my list about to make it alphabetical, but I must have got distracted or confused. Because I didn't do it...
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    Do you want to join the Illuminati?

    If you would like to join the elitist overlords, this outlet will send you a magnificent and eternal oath to hang on your wall.
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    Barrymore. Friend of Diana, Pool death reinvestigated

    I don't know how many of you remember this case. Popular British TV star, Michael Barrymore, good friend of Princess Di, had a party at his house almost 20 years ago. A young man's body was found in the pool, evidence suggested he had been drugged and sexually assaulted, and then left to...
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    The governments secret kill squads

    This is an interesting read. I suppose these are the guys you call when you want plausible deniability.
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    What is the difference between Christian Zionists and ordinary Evangelical Christians?

    I would like to know the difference between christian zionists and ordinary evangelical christians. Christian Zionist is not a phrase I am particularly familiar with, I would like to know how it works in practice. What a christian zionist may believe do, and how it differs from the general...
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    Crusader cross on politicians hand

    This caught my eye today I am not sure who the guy is, or why the BBC thinks this is worth reporting, but it seems very strange. A US politician appears in public with a symbol on his hand that seems to be a cross intimately connected to the...