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  1. cajun

    Smackdown! Professional Empathist Vs Professional Narcissist!

    Edwin Rutsch, founder of an organization that promotes "empathy" interviews Dr. Sam Vaknin, a self-proclaimed narcissist:
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    Jesus And Masturbation

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    This Is Not Good

    Farmers in several states noticing that there are NO flies on manure this year! And geese and ducks not laying any eggs.
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    Legitimate Fathers' Rights Issue

    An interview wiith a father whose children are being left in a drug-involved home where there have been arrests of the mother and her boyfriends and the State refuses to help the father get them out.
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    Manchester Explosions

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    I Have No Idea What This Guy's Talking About But I Like Him

    I found this guy's videos while surfing for narcissism material in YouTube. This is one of his other topics and piqued my curiousity. It opens a window into what one might call cybernarcissism.
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    Fathers' Rights Movement

    The Fathers' Rights Movement involves a series of events and organizations around the world. I suppose this thread is likely to be derailed by opinionated arguments and theological preachments, but I wonder if it is possible to have a thread discussing the events themselves and the activism...
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    Narcissism Self-help Thread

    While there are other threads open about the cultural and spiritual aspects of Narcissism, it seems like it might be a good idea to have one here for people to consider what can be done about our own narcissistic wounds, whether they come from being abused by a pathological narcissist at home or...
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    Narcissism And Satanism

    I have been looking at LOTS of videos on narcissism lately because I allowed myself to get sucked into a real war wiith a malignant narcissistic predator. Among the many videos that cover this topic there is one long one that really stood out. I'm not linking it here because the speaker in it...
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    Birth Pangs?

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    Narcissistic Clusters

    One of the common traits of a person with the clinical form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the kind often referred to as "severe" or "malignant", is a tendency to seek out complementary individuals who can be manipulated and directed at others. A severe NPD is not just a self-involved...
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    Roe V Wade

    This video rambles a little. Fast-forward to 7:10 to get straight to the point. It was done in response to an apparently Bible-based pastor who was adopting the popular notion that abortion is a "private" choice.
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    Why Even Pre-tribbers Need To Prepare!

    I remember coming across a chance mention of Cheney and Bush discussing some kind of false Return of Christ in a book years ago. Way before this stuff started to pop up in the internet. Notice the date on the paper this youtuber is reading: 1994. If there is to be a false Return, it has to be...
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    Ready Or Not.

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    Quantum Dimensions And Us

    There are so many ways this is the scientific Book of Revelation!