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  1. Ex-arianator4

    The Ariana Grande thread

    Hello everyone! In case you didn't know, there's another thread for Ariana Grande but it's mostly discussion about her song called "God is a Woman" Link:’s-blasphemous-new-single-“god-is-a-woman”.4130/ However, I created this thread for her other...
  2. Ex-arianator4

    Are there Christian Freemasons?

    I believe there's a lot of misconceptions about Freemasons, that's why I created this thread. So please bear with me
  3. Ex-arianator4

    What was your reaction after learning the dark truth?

    I mean how did you react after learning and accepting the existence of illuminati and the occult in the entertainment industry? How was your life before reading conspiracy theories? Is your life different now? For example, reading VC articles intrigued me, but I couldn't sleep at night. I used...