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  1. icecreamochi

    new Billie Eilish video ( WOW)

    Xanny? Oh, she meant Xanax? and we wonder why so many teens and kids are suicidal. Listening to this trash music
  2. icecreamochi

    new Billie Eilish video ( WOW)

    She looks like she just got done being reprogrammed. And off some crazy drugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up “overdosed.” She’s always looked cracked out.
  3. icecreamochi

    I hope this isn’t a bad sign for Amanda Bynes

    She reminds me so much of what Britney spears went through and they’re both from Disney.
  4. icecreamochi

    What are y'all discussing in the K Pop thread?

    Not sure what people are blabbing about in here with their 10 paragraph comments. Let me break it down for you. - signs and more signs, colors, etc. - spells and witchcraft - transgender - sex change male to female - mk ultra and the signs we are seeing - when their programming glitches -...
  5. icecreamochi

    Rapper JuiceWrld passes away at age 21

    He predicted this after lil peep and tentacion died. How he won’t make it past 21... all the signs are there people. Please wake up for goodness sakes!
  6. icecreamochi

    Drake & Underage Teen Girls

    Using his fame to get a pass. Entertainment world is desensitizing us and we don’t even know it.
  7. icecreamochi

    "Rihanna killed Victoria Secret's fashion show business"

    What are you babbling about?? Give us some background. I know who Epstein is. I know who Rhi-Rhi is but you’re going on about something most of us don’t even know about. Hence, no responses to your post.
  8. icecreamochi

    9 Americans killed in ambush in Mexico.

    Let’s chat. Brandon Tatum, an ex-officer, put out a video saying there’s got to be more to this story. I agree with him! However I’m not even sure what to read or look up. What are your thoughts? look what I found: Women killed in Mexican cartel murders had alleged ties to sex cult Nxivm The...
  9. icecreamochi

    Kanye's new album 'Jesus is King' is out

    I’m with babycakes. We don’t know anything. Let’s stop the stoning and let God do what he wants and we pray. ‍♀️ Has anyone seen the clip where Kanye asked his wife to stop wearing tight or revealing clothes? There are several clips going around and you can see that’s he’s changed. It’ll be a...
  10. icecreamochi

    BTS discussion thread

    You make no sense! Double talk. Are you like 12 years old? Good grief!
  11. icecreamochi

    BTS discussion thread

    So many double talk here. First some will say they’re fans and then talk about all the evil that’s going on with their music. This ain’t Soompi. Most people here aren’t teenagers. So stop the fangirling. This is not the page for it. So annoying.
  12. icecreamochi

    BTS discussion thread

    They’ve tasted success, money, power and fame. What’s left? :(
  13. icecreamochi

    BTS discussion thread

    Eh I see all the fan girls are back. Why don’t you guys go to soompi forums and drool over there? This is a VC forum and all these raving fan girls are ruining this thread. Good grief.
  14. icecreamochi

    BTS discussion thread

    They look a mess. Probably just got back from some satanic rituals and MK ultra stuff happened. No wonder some of them look uneasy.
  15. icecreamochi

    BTS discussion thread

    I’m back here after a month or two. So glad all those freakin beetee-es fan girls are gone. They made this thread crap. And kept fangirling over every thing. So annoying.
  16. icecreamochi

    Agenda 2030 Enslavement

    Has anyone done research on Agenda 21/2030? If not, you should.
  17. icecreamochi

    Sinead McNamara Conspiracy

    Anyone else think she didn’t commit suicide? Okay. Cool. Tan, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and beautiful. I was thinking of Natalie Holloway when I read this. Honestly, I think there was more to that story than what the media shared. So sad. Condolences to her family...
  18. icecreamochi

    Mollie Tibbits - Missing people rarely make the news..

    Thank you for your honest reply. I agree with you, not everything has a red flag.