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  1. icecreamochi

    9 Americans killed in ambush in Mexico.

    Let’s chat. Brandon Tatum, an ex-officer, put out a video saying there’s got to be more to this story. I agree with him! However I’m not even sure what to read or look up. What are your thoughts? look what I found: Women killed in Mexican cartel murders had alleged ties to sex cult Nxivm The...
  2. icecreamochi

    Agenda 2030 Enslavement

    Has anyone done research on Agenda 21/2030? If not, you should.
  3. icecreamochi

    Sinead McNamara Conspiracy

    Anyone else think she didn’t commit suicide? Okay. Cool. Tan, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and beautiful. I was thinking of Natalie Holloway when I read this. Honestly, I think there was more to that story than what the media shared. So sad. Condolences to her family...
  4. icecreamochi

    Mollie Tibbits - Missing people rarely make the news..

    What gives? I have heard about several missing people and we are still waiting on their return. However, none has ever made this national news. But there’s Mollie, Elizabeth Smart, and a few others.. I often wonder why a select few only make the news. Condolences to Mollie’s family during this...
  5. icecreamochi

    Download the App and Donate to VC!

    Just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying the app! Is there a way we can donate? Hoping VC will keep the articles, forums and app going! Thank you VC! Would love to donate! Make a link for us!