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  1. VigilantCitizen

    A Safe Space for Zionists

    Thread locked. I strongly suggest that some of you review the forum rules carefully because bans are about to be distributed.
  2. VigilantCitizen

    Forum Update Dec 2019

    I believe that Bitchute only allows iFrame embedding which is highly risky for site security. I will look into it. But I agree, YouTube is garbage which is why I never created a channel on there.
  3. VigilantCitizen

    Forum Update Dec 2019

    A profile post can be about whatever you want as long as it follows forum rules.
  4. VigilantCitizen

    Forum Update Dec 2019

    You can block someone by highlighting the username and selecting "Ignore". To delete a thread, simply report it and mention that you want it deleted.
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    Forum Update Dec 2019

    Hello, A major forum upgrade was installed this week. It fixed a long list of bugs and improved its looks and usability. Also, you will now find profile posts on the sidebar of forums. With this increased visibility, an already existing forum rule will be enforced for profile posts: I hope...
  6. VigilantCitizen

    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    Hello, Please respect this forum rule: 7. Keep religious discussions and proselytizing in the Religions forums. Thanks.
  7. VigilantCitizen

    posting non-YT video clips

    Hello, Sorry for answering your original request a year later - I thought this was resolved. According to the forum software help files, you can currently only embed videos from these sites: Apple Music Dailymotion Facebook Flickr Giphy Imgur Instagram Liveleak Metacafe Pinterest Reddit...
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    End of Time Ministry

    This should be in the religions forum.
  9. VigilantCitizen

    Favorite Things Thread!

    Please keep religious discussions in the religions forum. Thank you.
  10. VigilantCitizen

    Childrens Crisis

    Thread locked.
  11. VigilantCitizen

    Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus

    Please stay on topic and stop the ad-hominem attacks. If you are not interested in the topic at hand, do not reply to the topic and do not derail the thread. Those are basic forum rules. Thank you.
  12. VigilantCitizen

    "Soy Boys", "Toxic Masculinity" - what does it even mean to be a "Real Man"?

    Please keep religious discussions in the Religions forum.
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    Download the App and Donate to VC!

    Glad you've been enjoying the app! Here's a link for donations. Thanks.
  14. VigilantCitizen

    The Bible Says Jesus Is Not God - (Shocking Evidence)

    Please be respectful. Hate speech will result in a permanent ban.
  15. VigilantCitizen

    Hey VC what's with all the spam?

    Moving this thread to the Questions and Suggestions forum. I've added some new security measures to prevent spam. However, human spammers are difficult to completely block. The best thing you can do to help is to report spam threads which allows me to delete and ban ASAP. Thanks.
  16. VigilantCitizen

    Beautiful Islamic Pictures

    violet, please do not troll or derail threads.
  17. VigilantCitizen

    Major Forum Update

    Fixed the bottom banner. It wasn't supposed to appear everytime a page is loaded.
  18. VigilantCitizen

    RIP Old Layout

    Links are now red AND underlined. Thanks for the input and keep them coming.
  19. VigilantCitizen

    RIP Old Layout

    I am currently tweaking the new forum layout to make it as usable and readable as possible. If you notice anything that's annoying (including colors), please post about it in this thread and I will look into fixing it.