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  1. Trenton

    Tom Brady Replaced with Look Alike

    I think he has been replaced. He looks weird. With that shaggy chocolate hair, but also his face seemed off. He played like shit too. That wasn't him and I'm convinced of it. Whatchall think
  2. Trenton

    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    We have like 3-4 threads already I apologize but I'm a Berenstein guy. I'm positive of this. There's a few other major MEs around though. Namely, a Genie film, "Shazaam" which I scarecely remember, starring our favorite gold earringed comedian Sinbad. The claim, is there was a children's...
  3. Trenton

    I have DID, AMA

    I've debated making a thread like this for a long time but I figure wtf not. I have severe D.I.D. diagnosed in 2007 at age 17. But began showing alter personalities since early childhood. I have not gotten much better to this day. I have a fair amount of insight to the disorder, so feel free...
  4. Trenton

    Cipro poisoning

    Ciprofloxin is an antibiotic, a fluoroquinolone, chemo type drug. I was inpatient at the hospital this last week due to high fever and abdominal pain, where they discovered via CT scan I have complex diverticulitis. Immediately, they gave me an IV drip for two different antibiotics to kill my...
  5. Trenton

    RIP Charlie

    Charles Manson has passed. Please leave condolences for a man who was horribly MKd.
  6. Trenton

    Was Socrates Black Or White?

    I mean they can paint his skin light but he looks black to me. A lot of history was rewritten to suit a narrative. How much do you think has been "white washed"? And do you think black reseachers are attempting to "black wash" history in their attempts to uncover the truth of our...
  7. Trenton

    The Shroud Of Turin

    Do you believe it is authentic?
  8. Trenton

    Rubik's Cube

    Can you?
  9. Trenton

    Healing A Transexual, Possible?

    I encourage reading the article below to better understand my questions for this thread. " Dr. Paul McHugh, former director of the department of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital, candidly regrets his institution’s complicity with...
  10. Trenton

    How Not To Get Healthy

    Scrolling through the YouTube when I see this thumbnail. Indicating you should sleep on your left side... Which is exactly the opposite of the healthy way to sleep... Laying on your right side. Anyone else know any bad ways to get healthy?
  11. Trenton

    What's Going On In Texas?

    What's going on Texas? Paramedic shot while treating shotting victim in Texas Suspect under Federal investigation...
  12. Trenton

    Airlines In The Usa

    In the past 2 weeks I've seen several headlines about issues on planes. Doctor kicked off flight. Woman holding baby hit by stroller. Woman hit by pilot. What is going on, when did this start happening so often, and do you think it's a psy op or something? American, Delta, and United all in...
  13. Trenton

    Bill Nye The Sex Agenda Guy

    While reading VCs new article, I noticed something. Aside from how cringey the above video is... At the very end, Bill comes up to applaud their performance. For a segment about the sexuality and gender spectrum, he did something that made me go "Aww c'mon man gotta sell it harder." He hugs...
  14. Trenton

    Dreams you've been having.

    Any dreams you've had and would like to share? Always seemed an interesting thread. I had a dream last night... Logged into the forums here and an announcement was on top, stating, "All posts will be cached and deleted every 20 hours as new posts come in. Oldest posts will be deleted first."...