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  1. ~JC~

    Elizabeth Banks makes Prince Andrew joke on Graham Norton

    Boy, you know it’s a touchy subject when even Ricky Gervais puts his head down.. Silly American! :eek:
  2. ~JC~

    Giuliani interview, crushing Biden, the Washington Post and the Fox News interviewer

    Holy shizz.. did anyone catch this the other day? some of the stuff Rudy is saying in public news blew my mind. He really should watch his back after this.
  3. ~JC~

    how do you delete a thread and why isn't this more intuitive??

    for real.. HOW do you do it? lol please and thank you :)
  4. ~JC~

    Are all sports rigged? The proof is in the pudding.

    I recently listened to a really great podcast and the guest, Brian Tuohy (bio below), is an author and sports writer targeting sports corruption and conspiracy for some years now. The details he outlines on his website are worth checking out, especially the excerpts he includes from the late...
  5. ~JC~

    Killing Michael Jackson documentary (2019)

    I'm going to put this here before it's gone forever! I happened to find this link in the bio of someone's youtube vid (i.e., youtube would not allow this video posted so this was the alternative) It works fine for me ;) side note: I had a REALLY hard time finding this video after hearing...
  6. ~JC~

    Project Runway fans

    Just going to leave this here in case anyone want to chime in :D - Has anyone else noticed Project Runway's choice of winner seems to be politically-based? I know "duh" it's reality tv, but it's never been so apparent to me until the most recent finale. I read the mentor for the designers...
  7. ~JC~

    Zara kids - Small glimpse into their kids section

    FK Zara. I was creeped out by VC’s latest article, but I had to see for myself so I went to Zara online and checked out the “new in” for kids. I felt like a mad creep doing this, like I had to force myself to see some perversion going on in these photos of innocent kids; but I’ve seen enough...
  8. ~JC~

    U.S. Attorney agrees to present WTC evidence to a special grand jury.

    It’s real!
  9. ~JC~

    Joe Rogan interview with Billy Corgan

    This is actually from a couple of years ago. I thought I’d share it because I found Corgan to be super insightful. And I thought the conversation and interview flowed really well all around also.. some awesome person pasted the show’s transcript in the comments section, so I paste it now to...
  10. ~JC~

    Airline passengers witness Jay-Z shapeshifting #ReptilianJayZ

    I couldn’t find a post about this yet; apologies if this is a repeat, just learned of it. Interesting stuff! Why would Twitter remove the tweets and Twitter accounts if there wasn’t something to this... :confused:
  11. ~JC~

    Roger Morneau's testimony of the demonic & supernatural, and a little about me

    This is a first-hand account of Roger Morneau, former member of a satanic cult who then turned to God. I happened upon this video again, after several years, and it is resonating with me now more than ever. There is a reason for this, as I've been feeling like my soul is thirsty for a cleanse...
  12. ~JC~

    Libya slave auction

    So immensely sad.. but there is an uprising and this story is reaching the masses. Link: Story: (CNN)Libyan authorities have launched a formal investigation into slave auctions in the country following an...
  13. ~JC~

    The dark agenda behind hospital birth protocols

    This is too messed up not to share immediately; something every human needs to know about the very disturbing realities regarding prenatal trauma, administered by doctors (aka “normal procedures”) to expecting mothers and its affect on child development, and on us as as well. It has affected all...
  14. ~JC~

    Kathy Griffin next to faint in public

    You can’t find any video on this, only AFTER the faint. “After more than two hours, Ms. Griffin started telling a story about Mariah Carey when she froze, looked down and slumped, suddenly silent. She leaned into the microphone and said: “Randy, I’m going down.” Her boyfriend hurried onstage...
  15. ~JC~

    Smallville actress, Allison Mack, Involved in sex cult

    What is this a sex scandal rush?! Is anyone starting to find the emergence of all these stories seemingly.....deliberate? ”An actress from the hit series Smallville has been accused of being second in command of a ‘sex cult’ which forces women to go starvation diets.”...
  16. ~JC~

    Corey Feldman's "coreyography: A Memoir"

    I just got through listening to this on Audible, which Corey also narrates. It's really good, esp if you were a fan of his movies in the 80's - 90's, but also utterly sad and heartfelt, of course. Corey details his rise to stardom, and many many other things that came along with it, including...
  17. ~JC~

    Weather Manipulation; Geoengineered Climate Change

    Anthony Patch details evidence he believes proves these huge hurricanes aren't natural, but rather a product of the military industrial complex used to perpetuate a constant state of terror.
  18. ~JC~

    Amanda Bynes First Interview In 4 Yrs

    This is fkd :-|
  19. ~JC~

    Joe Biden Inadvertently Announcing Himself As A P***phile...

    How can anyone deny this? It's hard to watch, but I am thrilled this is spreading like wildfire on youtube!
  20. ~JC~

    Anyone See Sarah Silverman's Netflix Special

    "A Speck of Dust" Has anyone watched it? I don't want to say too much yet, but would love to share thoughts and feelings with anyone who has seen it. Thank you! :)