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  1. ~JC~

    Encouragement for those Souls in female bodies

    I don’t understand the point of this post. Can someone tell me in realistic/layman terms what this is saying? How is this helping me? I’m going to be redeemed how and when? Is this physical or after death?
  2. ~JC~

    When Religion And Conspiracy Theories Collide.

    Ah crap. I was commenting about on the wrong post! Sorry a lot that!:eek: I did actually start watching this, though. Got a good chunk in, but didn’t finish. Really interesting stuff, though. (how they perceive nature as a deity, Satan). I can’t comment fully tho. Mybad.
  3. ~JC~

    When Religion And Conspiracy Theories Collide.

    I thought the animation was dope
  4. ~JC~

    Jesus was a Jew. Why do some Christians and Muslims hate Jews?

    Thank you for this post! I learned a few things and quite enjoyed reading everyone’s insight on a topic I’m not too familiar with...well, the insight that didn’t shame people for their opinions and/or beliefs, somehow that always happens..(although those can be entertaining! :D)
  5. ~JC~

    Los Angeles-Hollywood

    I love how he ended it by telling people not to use their acceptance speech as a platform for issues and that’s exactly what they did! LOL The look on Tom Hanks’ face was like “uhh that’s kinda the plan”
  6. ~JC~

    Your thought on Alex Jones

    Good example of AJ’s cowardice
  7. ~JC~

    A different direction for Poppy

    Holy shit, I had no idea about Elon and Grimes...ew, Grimes. Cyber chaser.
  8. ~JC~

    Radiohead Predicted 9/11

    Side note: That Kate Bush video is very reminiscent of the story I’ve heard from Al Bielek, a man who claimed to be involved in Project Montauk. The story goes, that facility was a testing lab for mind control/development testing. One man who was being tested on, had the ability to create a...
  9. ~JC~

    George Michaels sister dead - Sacrifice?

    That was my very first thought! It’s a crazy world we live in when it seems logical to assume someone may have been sacrificed when you hear about these sudden deaths. I’m guessing they’re going to leave this a mystery, with no details.
  10. ~JC~

    Radiohead Predicted 9/11

    Sorry, I didn’t see this comment before I posted the same thought... got excited! Thank you for this post!
  11. ~JC~

    Radiohead Predicted 9/11

    One might even say that the cover art is some abstract depiction of 9-11, if you really think about it. Tell me this doesn’t look like a runway aimed directly into the mountainesque landscape, with wo sets of burning forest in the background. Red, white, and blue colours. This is my top fave...
  12. ~JC~

    Radiohead Predicted 9/11

    Omg... I was AT THAT concert and didn’t even remember the plane moment until I read that...holy shyte, great catch! My untrained mind brushed right over this at the time. (..also, I used to live in that area, so hearing planes this close wasn’t a huge occurrence to me). Dayumm.
  13. ~JC~

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! I’m thankful every day that we get to share our...

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! I’m thankful every day that we get to share our thoughts and information on this platform! ❤️
  14. ~JC~

    Lisa Bonet Says Cosby Had 'Sinister, Shadow Energy'

    Wow...did they make a stink out of that dumb bit of humor. That was nothing compared to what he did back in the DAY.. like Raw lol. Buuuuut everyone has to be quiet and play nice...o_O
  15. ~JC~

    Symbolic pics sharing thread (allseeingeye...)

    Sexy underwear ads have been posted in this area of the mall for some time now. This is the first time they put up a nearly bare ass. Just in time for Christmas I guess! I realize Europe is probably more lax about this kind of thing, but in Boston, showing an ad like this where people bring...
  16. ~JC~

    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Cliff notes
  17. ~JC~

    Rapper JuiceWrld passes away at age 21

    From what I have observed, it seems most people know what’s up now. The spike in deaths of these young artists is too prolific to ignore; so rampant, I believe it is indirectly contributing to (or even forcing) the great awakening. Not to mention these artists are telling us in their lyrics...
  18. ~JC~

    Billie Eilish

    Thank you! Yes, I follow Tiffany - love her!
  19. ~JC~

    What are you listening to?

    Best of Bonobo mix on Spotify. Good for just anything you’re doing right now.