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  1. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    Says the follower of a man who has convinced himself he is Jesus reincarnated.Even in John Anthony Hill's (fictional) "bible" he says the same thing in Acts chapter 1 that disproves he can be Jesus. KOK (mis)translation 1:10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up...
  2. JoChris

    Islamophobia/Anti Muslim rhetoric

    I think like in Australia it looks like Muslim migration was the straw that broke the UK camel's back. It isn't the main issue, it just is easily identified because Muslims are more obviously different in appearance and culture. Australians have been worried about very high population...
  3. JoChris

    "Not Real Christians"

    Can you give the link on where John Anthony Hill proves his academic qualifications to translate the Old Testament, New Testament, Gospel of Thomas and the Quran too? Thanks in advance.
  4. JoChris

    Islamophobia/Anti Muslim rhetoric

    Bill Shorten should never have been Labor leader but they seemed to have no other option. The Liberal Party did a very successful fear campaign, with the assistance of a mega-rich business man turned politician Clive Palmer "putting Australia first' (xenophobia inserted). On Facebook there was...
  5. JoChris

    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    They are fat innerkeeper worms.
  6. JoChris

    Robots, AI, and Bears, Oh My!

    Is this robot learning how to keep its own personal space?
  7. JoChris

    I removed the entry **before you made yours** as soon as I realised you were responding to...

    I removed the entry **before you made yours** as soon as I realised you were responding to Robin, not me. You could have left your response unsaid. I will leave it at that.
  8. JoChris

    Robin he wants to get a "can you lose your salvation" debate started amongst Christians.

    Robin he wants to get a "can you lose your salvation" debate started amongst Christians.
  9. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    :rolleyes: You are relying on people not knowing the original catholic (little c) church and the Roman Catholic church of today are not identical. There are a huge number of sources quoted in this webpage that proves you wrong about 1 John 5:7 "being a fabrication". The verse was there in many...
  10. JoChris

    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

  11. JoChris

    small c catholic, not Roman Catholic. BIG difference...

    small c catholic, not Roman Catholic. BIG difference.
  12. JoChris

    Islamophobia/Anti Muslim rhetoric

    It happened in Australia as well. The conservative PM got in when every media outlet was predicting Labor Party would win. Self-protection.. Australia is extremely migrant friendly (both my father and father-in-law are foreigners). The mood has turned against migrants for financial and social...
  13. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    Yes I knew you would want to discredit the 1 John 5:7 verse. It is always going to be a verse that is debated about whether it should be there or not. The biblical experts who made the King James Bible decided it belonged there. It is the...
  14. JoChris

    Human pet peeves

    I saw a few photos on that reminded me of a fad that has been happening for way too long.... disfiguring tattoos. Not just an arm or leg etc that can easily be covered up e.g. for work. Actual repulsive tattoos. Those two are whingeing they can't get a job. They obviously...
  15. JoChris

    What are you listening to?

    I always find Johann Sebastian Bach to be good soothing music. Baroque and Renaissance time period music is often very peaceful.
  16. JoChris

    And very understandable too why her parents would feel that grief the most. People can only do...

    And very understandable too why her parents would feel that grief the most. People can only do so much - even the best possible psychiatric care for suicidal patients isn't guaranteed 100%. If someone is determined to kill themselves they eventually find a way. I'm being objective there, but...
  17. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    Infinityloop, I have spent enough time with you this morning. This is my last response. The Roman Catholic Church is UNbiblical. The many doctrines it added over the century have distorted the simple Gospel. You know that. Stop pretending. You aren't fooling anybody. Insults are not a...
  18. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    WRONG. I know I am a sinner. If you are honest with yourself you know you are a sinner too. I reject false religions, including Islam. Christianity is not tribalism. Christianity is belief in Jesus Christ. You know that. The rest of your comment is very silly. You should have higher...
  19. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    And Qureshi is in Heaven, a place you are in danger of never reaching. Evidence that the Baptist Church does not follow the Bible please. TRANSLATION: "You're a meanie, you don't treat me with kid gloves like most kind hearted Christians do.." *sniff sniff* I am kind up to a point. Someone...
  20. JoChris

    The Pagan X-mass/Yuletide/Saturnalia

    Some of us have a life. Some of us don't bother responding to someone who has proved multiple times they loathe Biblical Christianity. Some of us choose to leave comments to those who are already answering people effectively. Some of us don't think we should spend as much time on you as you...