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  1. Vixy

    Freud - A mind control victim?

    I dont have to say anything, this explains so much. I mean a cocaine addict believing boys actually wants to sleep with their mothers, girls wanting to have penises and all of the above.. The guy was crazy. I figured...
  2. Vixy

    9/11 -a Nuclear bomb?

    Around 10 minutes in he shows the comparison to a nuclear blast which also explains the cars being half burned because the engine was blasted. To me, it finally looks like an answer that makes sense. Something was still not hitting the spot with DEW's because lasering specific spots still doesnt...
  3. Vixy

    Riots in sweden -Police gets beaten up Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte goes to the riots in Trollhättan and gets beat up, gets his equipment stolen and gets death threats (the big white guy). The police was also beaten up. The ones rioting...
  4. Vixy

    Indians forbids muslims to stay in the country Seems more countries than just scandinavia and europe are having extreme problems with muslims. Way to go India!
  5. Vixy

    The Finders -A case about SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)

    Polly does it again!
  6. Vixy

    London bridge attack

    Soo, dead bodies move like that?
  7. Vixy

    American youth -Complete shocker to a swede!

    Been on this chat app for a while now and always got such unempathic answers if any at all. If one wrote about serious things in need of discussion, one got onliners like "haha" or "uh-huh" back which I found really strange and unserious...until today. Someone sent a picture of their friends and...
  8. Vixy

    Sweden keeps national drill - For Agenda 2020?

    "Havent been done for 30 years" they say, yet only a few years back we saw tanks on the streets of the south of sweden in a drill called Jade helm and two other drills connected to that. Now its time again and the article reads: Starting on November 4, 2019 and throughout 2020, Sweden will...
  9. Vixy


    A machine that through magnetisms like the one the elite has in their D.U.M.Bs, gets rid of viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, fungus and heavy metals. It is used once for about 20 minutes and then the body will start repairing itself. The following weeks it will keep repairing itself until all...
  10. Vixy

    Cure for Autism, ADHD, alzheimers and possibly bipolar

    Aluminium. Its in the air, vaccines and food. i have seen the effects of an aluminium detox and WOW! I am in awe of Exleys incredible work.
  11. Vixy

    China installs surveillance in churches and tears one down for "illegal fundraising"

    China has put in facial recognition and fingerprint scans in their government financed churches. They've also torn one down that had a fundraising, claiming it was "illegal"
  12. Vixy

    Epsteins book

    Yei.. :( We're all so screwed.
  13. Vixy

    Project looking glass What do you think of this? Is Trump the last president, is time travel possible and what about the 13th amendment?
  14. Vixy

    "F*ck me Pay me" By Lebraa Deville

    So shes basically saying she's a hooker and influencing other to be the same. Also the last name has EVIL in it. Weird and embarrassing.. Check her neck: A HUGE eye of horus and making sure we see it by pointing at it Whats going on here? A naked female suit with a male head.. Blurring of...
  15. Vixy

    Denmark criminalizes christians from deliverance and healing

    Happened January, just learned about it. he can actually be drawn in court for delivering demons and healing people by placing his hand om them. The danish state is also considering removing children from the families where this is happening. Thoughts?
  16. Vixy

    False Flags attacks in Sweden, Malmö

    Check this: It's clear it's a doll, the plastic hand and the laughing staff also gives it away. So they're mixing real crime with false flag attacks to make it worse. I know a guy who knows the crime syndicates in town and he says they get PAIED and get pushed by the police to blow things up...
  17. Vixy

    Chris gethard talks about "conspiracy sites" regarding his sketch

    Again they joked about them all being in on it. Interesting to know they watch us that closely..
  18. Vixy

    China brings in 6G

    RACE TO THE FUTURE Forget about 5G, China has kicked off its development of 6G By Jane LiNovember 7, 2019 The world has barely started using 5G, the latest generation of wireless connectivity, but China is already looking ahead to 6G. China’s science and technology ministry announced...
  19. Vixy

    Taylor Swift does Cats -Surpriise!

    Another sign of Beta kitten programming, lol! ..It's actually getting boring now, it's like they're so traditional they cant think of anything new.