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    The Devils Mother

    Do you know who she is? Do you know that Christians and Muslims and Jews are all worshipping her?
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    Hand Signs - Erdogan, Macron trade barbs in 'brain death' dispute

    Erdogan, Macron trade barbs in 'brain death' dispute Both leaders making the same hand sign......what might it mean? any ideas?
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    Amazing Discovery!

    i just called my mum to say her address is coded into the quran surah NAJM....she took it quite calmly ...i was absolutley shocked
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    Do we die? thats something to think about... past life regression always takes people into previous lives and memories... i personally have memories of multiple lives....including being part of a flatlining experiment... different and multiple realities do exist in my opinion... and the...
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    Allah Talla

    who do you worship?
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    Do ALIENS exist in religion?

    you have the fallen angels also called the nephilim...who may be aliens? verse 10:10 in the Quran Their call therein will be, "Exalted are You, O Allah," and their greeting therein will be, "Peace." And the last of their call will be, "Praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds!" lord of the worlds...
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    The ultimate code...

    The ultimate code in Islam is as follows... 23 23 23 11 w w w k 69 11 The above code is ALLAT translated into numbers (emphasis on the T)
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    Islam is the worship of Pagan gods.......

    Allah Talla Allah and Al Lat male and female yin and yang bull and lion seems to me that the pagan gods of Islam are alive and well in many nations and cultures
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    This is the Matrix...

    and i am NEO...
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    i want to know what the big deal is about the planet Venus in particular... why have people been infatuated with this planet since the olden days? what do you think guys?
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    Islam - The oldest religion in the world!

    Islam - The oldest religion in the world! with the name of ALLAH going back to the the age of leo way before Enoch and Noah. It definitely points to the ANNUNAKI
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    O'Brother Assad you know who brother assad is?
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    John the Baptist

    John the Baptist.... he was known as the original messiah....not jesus.. does anyone know more about this guy....according to both Islam and Christianity? he is apparently buried at Masjid Umayyad in Syria Umayyad Mosque The Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus...
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    Who came first....Christ or Mithra?

    Who came first....Christ or Mithra? i know the answer....but do you know? anyone care to discuss this topic?
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    Serpent cults and Jesus

    what do you know about them guys? was jesus really from a serpent worshipping cult?
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    Sophia and Baphomet

    According to a few people, Baphomet can be seen as Sophia when using the atbash cipher. Sophia means wisdom....therefore Baphomet also means wisdom... what do you think people....does the symbol of Baphomet actually mean wisdom?
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    Cleansing rituals

    Cleansing rituals according to your faith.....what do you do? in Islam you do ghusl after sex and wudhu on a daily basis after breaking wind or going to the toilet. im not sure about the other faiths?
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    Who, what or why - MOSES

    Akhenaten Was Moses really Akhenaten?....arguments for and against please.... Akhenaten
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    Pillars of Islam - Boaz and Jachin

    Boaz and Jachin They exist at the prophets mosque in Medina. 8 in total, makes 2 squares....= star of Ishtar i can confirm that all 3 mainstream religions , judaism, christinaity and islam are totally...
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    Jesus, James or Paul?

    just interested to see who is in the know...and who you follow? please be kind enough to post your views