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    Search a name for my professional (find):

    The name is found.
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    Lists or questions about the reals authors (Movies, Music, Books ...).

    I'll start with an article, which makes me feel bad about J.K. Rowling. For me it's still the movie that was made about his life and the few articles I read about her are the truth. But I will like even your desire, on this article: Interestingly, that I...
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    Reliable sources!?

    Records, documents, TV, newspapers, journalists, youtubers, bloggers ... Different sources that you consider reliable. Post be just a link, or link with a text, a quote, information that someone has entrusted to you ... Without necessarily following the article before.
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    What is not Illuminati?

    By dint of looking at all that is finally not Illuminati, I wonder, what companies, organizations, industries, music, movies, financing, etc. has absolutely no connections?
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    Organization Of Saint Lazarus Of Jerusalem

    I had not planned to open a topic on it. But I have a bad feeling and a member of the family joined them ... So I would like to have your opinion.
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    Houses, furnitures and objects Illuminati

    Abandoned house:
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    Ped*philia Youtube

    Subtitle in English avaivable: