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    War Games

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    War Games

    What would you suggest be done to stop it? Risk an international incedent over a drill?
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    KFC Promotes Miscegenation and Interracial Humiliation in New TV Ad

    I won't judge you until I've walked a mile in your shoes. Then I'll be a mile away and have your shoes. :p
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    Not just harmless entertainment

    I think your first answer addressed my question better.
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    Gardasil HPV Vaccine: "Sacrificial Virgins" film

    While rare, it can happen. I'm certainly not going to defend the establishment, but I'll take salt with whatever Mike says.
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    The world is becoming better, in a lot of ways

    If you mean less mob rule, I'm down with that.
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    What are you listening to?

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    Sex work should be decriminalized

    Would you care if it was someone else's morality being legislated? Where have you seen it encouraged? Not criminalizing something is not the same as encouraging.
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    Sex work should be decriminalized

    I'd say it's because we, as a whole, have moved so far away from self-sufficiency. In the past, neighbors could trade/sell the produce of their labor directly. They could further trade/sell with the mercantile. In the end, nothing is free. Now instead of laboring on our farms, we labor at...
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Dammit. You beat me to it. And I'm surprised it wasn't already used.
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Mountain dew.... for search filter.
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Due date
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    break bread
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    That's what heteronym means Well, he brought in two options. So yeah, I guess.
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    Why has Feminism caused so many single men to go MGTOW since we keep meeting very mean and nasty women all the time?

    Seems like this fits with this thread.
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Fine, I'll take a ten point hit. For some reason, the text editor hasn't been working for me. :(
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    I break
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    500 Scientists Signed Letter to UN Stating, “There Is No Climate Emergency”

    I find it hard to believe that your area has gone from the upper 80s F to 120-140 F. That's hot enough to smoke a ham. Not calling you a liar, just saying it's hard to believe.
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    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    nice rack