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  1. Vixy

    Cure for Autism, ADHD, alzheimers and possibly bipolar

    And chek this: Autoimmune disease is also caused by B12 defeciancy: Im starting on 1000mcg bvitamins soon. Already feeling better from taking 200mg morning and night.
  2. Vixy

    Cure for Autism, ADHD, alzheimers and possibly bipolar

    Exactly my friend! I went to a natural doc the other week and she told me I was defecient in vitamin B. I started a double dose of vitamin B yesterday and today I've not only got out of bed but had energy to go swimming. I can only hope it lasts although I suspect the damages Ive gotten from...
  3. Vixy

    The islamisation of the west

    Noooo! Ffs, they'll gangrape her!
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  5. Vixy

    Is the Rise in Global Antisemitism Fulfilling Bible Prophecy?

    I've thought alot about this question too and yes, it is. Although the bible also talks about not liking jews so its a bit two side divided but it is prophecy.
  6. Vixy

    Gardasil HPV Vaccine: "Sacrificial Virgins" film

    Did you hear about the new 6-in-1 vaccine designed for kids? It'll be mandatory in 2020 they say. Vexil or vexin something..
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    Elisa Lam

  8. Vixy

    American youth -Complete shocker to a swede!

    Yes, that's exactly why I'm reacting. Not to be mean or spiteful but it looks very off. Like you say theyre middle aged and have had time to fatten up, even their faces look middle aged. I'm 42 myself and weigh about 55kg, they must weigh about 90-100kg and theyre teens, wth? Add to that gender...
  9. Vixy

    American youth -Complete shocker to a swede!

    Yeah man, it used to be one or two kids being like that in the entire school. Now its whole classes.
  10. Vixy

    END TIMES - A thread for all christians

    Uhm.. "Anti LBGTQ"..or whatever its called.. You ARE aware of that homosexuality in ALL its forms it an abomination against god? If you in any way shape or form is for this, why are you in this thread? The bible speaks clearly of not having any of such people within the congregation or among us...
  11. Vixy

    What the heck is Long John Silvers?

    What the heck is Long John Silvers?
  12. Vixy

    2018 French Revolution/Gilet Jaunes protest

    Theyre cutting down the pensions furthure? This is CRAZY! What will they live off? AIR? Did you see that documentary about the yellow vests where they have to buy old meat bc they cant afford regular and if a light bulb goes out, they cant afford to switch it? This is genocide. Macron is...
  13. Vixy

    American youth -Complete shocker to a swede!

    Yeah I thought it was weird.. But I've known people who were in the states, came back looking like WTF? And told of how most people are obese and many lack their teeth and still buy fast food, like french fries and since they cant chew them, they suck on them instead. That's REALLY bad and its...
  14. Vixy

    London bridge attack

    No but when stabbed you dont go up like someone shot you in the ass like that. My friend was stabbed 18 times and almost bled to death, trust me, you stay down and bleed.
  15. Vixy

    London bridge attack

    Tell us more?
  16. Vixy

    London bridge attack

    Soo, dead bodies move like that?
  17. Vixy

    Cure for Autism, ADHD, alzheimers and possibly bipolar

    I know where its from, the source is out since decades but the copper remains. Tried it all; juicing, special diets bla bla, nothing helped. its super hard to get copper out due to the calcium shell. Oh it was with you I talked? Sorry I forgot, my memory's affected aswell. Cant even remember...
  18. Vixy

    American youth -Complete shocker to a swede!

    Been on this chat app for a while now and always got such unempathic answers if any at all. If one wrote about serious things in need of discussion, one got onliners like "haha" or "uh-huh" back which I found really strange and unserious...until today. Someone sent a picture of their friends and...
  19. Vixy

    Cure for Autism, ADHD, alzheimers and possibly bipolar

    DAMN Mr Finger! You're good at this! See I never got the copper out no matter how much zink I took, fluid or in tablet form. There is the calcium shell and I bet thats why. You say all thats needed is zink then..How long is it expected to be before one starts chelating it? As i understood it it...
  20. Vixy

    Jeffrey Epstein. Hello?

    "Ghislaine Maxwells attourneys are working hard for her side of it, meaning shes nor deceased or there'd be no point in fighting" Interesting! Bet she's down underground hiding.