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  1. DevaWolf

    Blood sacrifice. Are they divine or satanic?

    Yeah I don't like what I hear, you're correct with that analysis. However, that does not discard the point at all, which you avoid. ''No good reason' is entirely subjective, and if we'd say kill your son because you as parents failed, it would sound abhorrent but with a God it's suddenly OK...
  2. DevaWolf

    Blood sacrifice. Are they divine or satanic?

    Well the Christian God required his own son as a sacrifice, to die in the most horrible way. I would say that Christianity reaches the markers of a Death cult for that reason. And witchcraft is also a part of it, with the whole 'I am protected by the blood of Christ' thing. It sounds like black...
  3. DevaWolf

    Do you believe climate change is real or not?

    Same. I don't believe we can influence it at all, I think that's just Eco Fasiscm.
  4. DevaWolf

    Exchistians who converted to Hinduism

    Yeah I wonder how one knows that one's not deluded and part of one of the fallen away sects if that's true?
  5. DevaWolf

    Why are there so many very stuck up very troubled women all over the place nowadays?

    I wonder why there's such a massive influx of incel trolls recently. I think it's probably the same person over and over, guess he thinks he makes a point if he repeats it often enough.
  6. DevaWolf

    The Unexpected Ascencion of the Satanic Temple of the USA

    Well I guess that tells us what the US Navy thinks of freedom of religion, and freedom in general. But yeah, can't have critical thinking skills in soldiers ofc.
  7. DevaWolf

    Satanic Temple head: ‘More than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ’

    Yeah, that's because they're brainwashed by the dominant religion in the West, which is Christianity, to fear a drawing that has no power.
  8. DevaWolf

    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    That is extremely well done!
  9. DevaWolf

    Homeless epidemic

    So what about people with disabilities like people who are paralysed or otherwise incapable of doing things on their own. They must work too? Is it that hard to understand that homeless people are often just as disabled, it's just mental or invisible? Your argument makes no sense. Unless you...
  10. DevaWolf

    Homeless epidemic

    They could at least ban foreign investors from buying the houses. Them buying this property prevents other people from even having a chance to buy them.
  11. DevaWolf

    Exchistians who converted to Hinduism

    * Grabs popcorn* Ahhh here we go again.
  12. DevaWolf

    Homeless epidemic

    Same here. And Chinese investors are buying so much land the remaining affordable housing just rots uninhabited until they decide to rent it out for too high prices people pay because they're desperate.
  13. DevaWolf

    Global Warming Hysteria

    Lol they say that about the Netherlands too.. lol thanks for sharing!
  14. DevaWolf

    What and why, we believe

    There is not 'one true belief' as there is not 'one true color blue'. It is a spectrum, like everything else. The one true belief, is somehow always something thats suits the follower perfectly.
  15. DevaWolf

    Exchistians who converted to Hinduism

    I agree with you for once, but I think that's because Jesus does not exist.
  16. DevaWolf

    Exchistians who converted to Hinduism

    Why not? It's got no more or less reason/logic than any other religion. Just seems like a lot of work, but there are plenty of people converting to Orthodox Judaism too.
  17. DevaWolf

    Vegan agenda

    Humans need b12. Synthetic b12 has not given the same results, in the long term. That's enough of an argument.
  18. DevaWolf

    Vegan agenda

    I am sure it can be healthy for some people, but not all. We have evolved to be omnivores, not frugivores . So you might see good results, but it's anecdotal evidence. I personally have a legit different experience with veganism, even 'well planned' veganism.
  19. DevaWolf

    Celine Dions New Clothing Line

    That last boy looks like a toned down IS soldier.
  20. DevaWolf

    Would You Buy A Alexa Or Not?

    Yeah, both are tools to monitor and control. Try talking about something you never talk about with your phone near, I can guarantee you'll see facebook adverts for it soon. Happened to me too many times to count. I'm currently slowing phasing out of social media because of this.