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  1. Lazarus Long

    Anyone Still Think Trump And Sessions Aren't Mopping The Floor Of Pedos?

    More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart” Straight from the horses mouth at
  2. Lazarus Long

    Here's An Interesting Thread About Freemasons You Guys Can Argue About!

  3. Lazarus Long

    "arpaio Pardoned? But He's A Racist!"

    Anybody saying the title above and believing it(and there are a lot of you out there) really need to go inward and find the truth. otherwise you are hopeless. Anyway this is FUN!. Check out this list of people obama pardoned during his time pretending to be president(not complete): Bob Edward...
  4. Lazarus Long

    George Soros And All Of His Tentacles

    This is a very nice list (and more) of all of the organizations in Soros' pocket. If anyone is interested.