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  1. Colonel Valerio

    Trump is going to get Ilhan Omar murdered.

    President Trump accuses Rep. Omar of supporting al-Qaeda This is what is called stochastic terrorism. stochastic terrorism[ stuh-kas-tik...
  2. Colonel Valerio

    AOC suggests abolishing Homeland Security

    Ocasio-Cortez suggests she's open to dissolving Homeland Security "I think so. I think we need to undo a lot of the egregious mistakes that the Bush...
  3. Colonel Valerio

    Protests Rock Honduras

    US Embassy in Honduras burned amid protests
  4. Colonel Valerio

    Abortion : The Otherside of the slippery slope

    The United States is threatening to veto a U.N. resolution that would prevent r*pe from being used as a weapon of war on account of language that refers to reproductive and sexual health. The pro-life...
  5. Colonel Valerio

    Sri Lanka Church and Hotel attacks This is going to be big news so this is the thread
  6. Colonel Valerio

    India launches strikes in Pakistan

    India Is Said to Conduct Airstrikes in Pakistan-Controlled Territory “Indian warplanes conducted airstrikes in Pakistan-controlled territory on Tuesday, Pakistan’s military said, after a suicide attack in the Kashmir region this month that India blamed on Pakistan. A spokesman for Pakistan’s...
  7. Colonel Valerio

    Mega-Pastor James MacDonald fired after threatening to plant Child Porn on computer "I never thought I would hear an evangelical, mega-church pastor talk about planting child pornography on the computer of an executive at a Christian publication. But today, Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller...
  8. Colonel Valerio

    Suicide & Euthanasia

    I wanted to create this thread because on the new abortion thread people invoked it as 'slippery-slope' argument against it. First I want to ask this question of Christians on the board, if you are saved under your definition, what happens to people who commit suicide? I know the RCC is against...
  9. Colonel Valerio

    FBI investigated civil rights group, viewed KKK as victims

    FBI investigated civil rights group as 'terrorism' threat and viewed KKK as victims Pretty obvious whose side American Law Enforcement is on, and who they will side...
  10. Colonel Valerio

    Good and Evil, Subjective or Objective?

    Is what is "Good" and what is "Evil" subjective or objective? I think we can all agree that violence ( such as r*pe and murder) is evil, and that performing CPR on a stranger is good. After this it gets a bit murky. For example some here will see owning a factory as a good, that is employs...
  11. Colonel Valerio

    The Glamorization and Sugar-Coating of Prostitution

    I used to be in favor of legalizing prostitution, as a way to keep those involved safe. I thought that keeping it underground only makes it more dangerous on them. However after looking into it, it appears as if its just legalized abuse...
  12. Colonel Valerio

    Salvator Mundi

    The Salvator Mundi is a Da Vinci painting of Jesus that means "Savior of the World". It was possibly painted for King Louis XII and eventually found its way to England in the Court of Charles I. It then passed through a series of lesser English Nobles until 1763 when it disappears from public...
  13. Colonel Valerio

    If you could change historical events

    What would they be? I would change the outcome of the In favor of the Liberators I would do this because I wonder if Rome would still have been an Empire, would it have expanded as it did or last as long. Things would be radically...
  14. Colonel Valerio

    How’s that Nationalism working for you? Hungary Edition You can be forced to work 6 days a week and 400 extra hours a year without being paid for three years. Fascism is Slavery
  15. Colonel Valerio

    Senate votes to end support for Saudi war on Yemen This is something to be happy about. This happened thanks to Bernie Sanders.
  16. Colonel Valerio

    Is this America's most successful serial killer?’s-america’s-deadliest-serial-killer-with-90-victims-police-believe-him/ar-BBPUnOR?ocid=spartandhp So this guy claims to have murdered over 90 women since the 70's, which if confirmed would be more than the 49 convictions from Gary Ridgway*. Its...
  17. Colonel Valerio

    US is Confident it will Prosecute Julian Assange First I want to say that...
  18. Colonel Valerio

    Brazil Goes Fascist It’s happening and it’s happening everywhere. Fascism is far from dead or fringe, and still represents the most dangerous threat to...
  19. Colonel Valerio

    Favorite Fictional Characters

    11. Trixie, from Deadwood 10. Obi Wan Kenobi 9. Randall Flagg 8. Mr. Spock 7. Gordon Cole 6. Lisbeth Salander 5. Dale Cooper 4. Godzilla 3. Dana Scully 2. Ash Williams
  20. Colonel Valerio

    Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue So this week we have had two black people murdered at a Kroger, Pipe Bombs and now this. MAGATs really proved who they are this week. This is what happens when you totally dehumanize a group of...