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  1. DevaWolf

    Any satanists here?

    That's something I do find ironic about the Bible indeed. Satan's body count is a lot lower..
  2. DevaWolf

    The Psychological Legacy of 9/11

    Ah alright I thought it showed that, but just didn't recognize it as such. I believe it was a controlled demolition too.
  3. DevaWolf

    Converse Launches LGBT Shoe Line Featuring Preteen ‘Drag Kid’

    Maybe. I am saying children shouldn't transition though. So we kind of agree.
  4. DevaWolf

    The Psychological Legacy of 9/11

    What exactly does this show? I believe it is a conspiracy, always have. Just don't know what is pictured here.
  5. DevaWolf

    Not so subtle messaging from Hollister (via a parcel)

    Wow. That's really strange for a medical parcel. Love the one eye flower :rolleyes:
  6. DevaWolf

    Converse Launches LGBT Shoe Line Featuring Preteen ‘Drag Kid’

    I agree. I think making children transition before they are legal adults and can make informed decisions, is child abuse. I don't understand why the hell psychiatry and medicine is supporting this.
  7. DevaWolf

    Madeline McCann....

    Yeah or her parents sold/murdered her. I am not sure which one.
  8. DevaWolf

    Bank of America: CEO Wants Cashless Society

    I have been watching this call for a cashless society with unease for a while now. It puts all the power in the hands of those who 'create' money, like the banks. And they already have too much power. It makes it possible to track anything and everything someone spends, and enables those in...
  9. DevaWolf

    "Concentration camps-like" migrant youth shelters in the US have taken over 10,000 children.

    This is so absurd it's hard to believe, yet it's really here..
  10. DevaWolf


    Ok I was just wondering as I read in the news that a lot of American christians consider Trump a prophet of God who will return America to a state of Theocracy and as you mentioned, build a wall to protect the Holy city / holy land America will be.
  11. DevaWolf


    You believe Trump is a prophet of God? Why?
  12. DevaWolf


    Do your Christian values align with such a thing?
  13. DevaWolf

    Trump spiritual adviser opens campaign launch with prayer calling the president's opponents a 'demonic network'

    Gee, I don't believe in Satan but if he's the alternative to Trump I might consider becoming a Satanist. Does anyone know about the contractual benefits of being a demon? I seem to have already signed on somewhere for being against Trump..
  14. DevaWolf

    US deploys carrier strike group to send 'clear and unmistakable message' to Iran

    They are really searching for a reason to attack Iran so they can get their oil. It's disturbing to watch how openly they play this game too.
  15. DevaWolf

    What brought you to the VCF and why do you stay?

    I truly enjoy a debate and I used to believe in a lot of conspiracies when I was younger. I have just changed and started seeing things from a different viewpoint which I like to give so the younger people here have some things to ponder. I don't expect anyone to agree with me, I thought I knew...
  16. DevaWolf

    Uh oh - Britney Spears back in "mental facility" 2019...

    Well maybe she's been put on psychiatric meds against her will, they make you gain weight. Either way it's involuntary.
  17. DevaWolf


    Oh I love Sarah Brightman :D
  18. DevaWolf


    Queen- Who wants to live forever And a very well done classical cover I think: Unusual for a Queen cover. But I really like this.
  19. DevaWolf

    All hail satan

    I think you need help. Call a therapist if voices are talking to you.
  20. DevaWolf

    Any satanists here?

    I think you're probably not at the right board then, I am an atheist and don't find much support here either but that's why I joined. I am here for the debate with those opposing my views. If you want an echo chamber for your own views it's better to go elsewhere.