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    Favorite Fictional Characters

    Jennifer Goines 12 Monkeys TV series!!
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    Black Mirror Season 5

    Black Mirror is brilliant! Cant wait, also cant wait for Handmaids Tale!
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    I cannot believe how much they fucked it up. From the Battle of Winterfell episode I was thinking, wait, what, aw maybe they will explain more about the Night King next episode they have to, its just GoT being GoT and there's gonna be some surprise plot twists, surely they can't build the Night...
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    'Thor' and 'Terminator' actor Isaac Kappy dies after jumping from motorway bridge
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    Good start. I dont think it would have been good if it was right into something big, poor Sam. I wonder if he could betray Jon because of Danerys though, dont want to post any spoilers but so glad its finally back, watched it last night on now tv missed first ten mins though so rewatching it...
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    recall seeing that image a while back and as far as I remember the bit on Bran was photoshopped in, not to say he isnt the night king though. I think he might warg into the night king and maybe get stuck there somehow, a bit like what happened with Hodor. I think Bran might also warg into the...
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    Random Thoughts

    I dunno if am in the thread I want to be in but I cant recall if it has another name. Last few months been tough, totally fooked my left shoulder and arm, got xray, no fracture or dislocation but I do have an extra rib which has prob been responsible for a lot of issues for a long long time...
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    What Are You Having For Dinner?

    I think I am turning into Thurman Merman's granny, all I seem to eat these days are bloody sandwiches! lol
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    Random Thoughts

    I dont really miss any periods of time tbh, theres some things I would change if I could but there are many that I wouldnt if I could.
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    Madeline McCann....

    Ever since the disappearance of Madeline McCann 11 years ago there has always been consistent flow of news, videos etc online about it, it has died down since it happened but there has still been stuff online but Ive noticed there seem to be a lot more videos and articles about this recently...
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    "Queen of Soul" dies of pancreatic cancer at 76

    Gawd that reminds me of that Samuel L Jackson interview
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    Isaac Kappy outing Hollywood Pedophiles

    Ive always felt that Feldman is full of shit. If he cared so much about exposing these people he would have done it a long time ago but hes a washed up has been pervert who is clinging on to still belonging in that scene. If he really gave a shit about the abuse that goes on he wouldnt wait...
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    Tom Hanks.......

    So now Tom Hanks might also be a pedo?
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    boom boom lol

    boom boom lol
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    Zombie Boy Suicide

    Not really a fan of either but this seemed interesting?
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    What Are You Watching?

    This guys brilliant!!
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    What the hell has gotten to mankind nowadays?

    wasnt sure where to post this but didnt think we need another thread so this one seemed the best option, hope thats ok