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  1. Allegra

    Pope’s decision to change the Lord’s Prayer

    The pope’s decision to approve the change from the traditional translation “Lead us not into temptation” to “Do not let us fall into temptation” was based on this reported rationale: “I am the one who falls; it’s not him pushing me into temptation to then see how I have fallen,” Francis...
  2. Allegra

    Helicopter crashes into New York city high rise
  3. Allegra

    Dobby Elf spotted on CCTV camera Either CGI or a puppet cuz as u notice before the dobby comes, you can see a shadow of a man behind the car.
  4. Allegra

    Engaging the New Age (Apologia Studios & Steven Bancarz - ex new age guru)

    Hello hello. I'm just gonna put this here for Christians and lurkers who are interested in this subject, doing research, trying to learn what is New Age all about and/or those who are wondering if they unknowingly practice New Age belief. If you don't like listening to podcast, watch the last...
  5. Allegra

    US demands social media details from visa applicant LOL if I ever want to apply visa for holidays in US, my visa will be -definitely- rejected! Too many conspiracies about US secret society and stuffs! But I regret nothing lol!
  6. Allegra

    Charlatan Kenneth Copeland interview with Inside Edition

    At 2:50 when he says "I'm not missing that dedication in Jerusalem." his voice and his eyes are creepy and sinister as heck. Pray for Jerusalem, the demons are out to get them.
  7. Allegra

    U.S. school fails Christian student for refusing Islamic prayer also taught Muslims' faith is stronger than Christians'

    US soon will be a goner... this is so wrong. God bless this student Caleigh Wood. Honestly, not gonna sugarcoat anything and be super bluntly speaking, I'd rather lose my life than denying Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Messiah...
  8. Allegra

    No Jesus in the Old Testament? Isaiah 53, Proverbs 30, Pslams 22 beg to differ. His name is everywhere in the bible.

    Y E S H U A is My Name in Bible Codes Answering Isaiah 53 and Proverbs 30 Riddles Repent Earthlings – Jesus Now Revealed in Old Testament and You Have No Choice But to Believe Especially You Jews But You Muslims as Well… And All of You Atheists, Agnostics, Followers of Babylonian System Nimrod...
  9. Allegra

    YouTube influencers drama and conspiracy

    In this thread let's talk about all YouTube influencers from their contents, dramas and conspiracies too if you will. From Business Insider: YouTube has produced a new generation of celebrities and influencers that have turned posting videos online into lucrative full-time careers. The most...
  10. Allegra

    What do you think of illuminati symbolism in animation for Christian teachings?

    The bible project is my favorite channel to study the bible. I'm always amazed whenever I watch their video and they make it easier for us to understand. I don't want to think negatively about this channel but I'm pretty confused why they have to use such drawings.. It makes me uncomfortable...
  11. Allegra

    Christians are now called Easter Worshippers

    And notice how BBCnews and other MSM under-report this news. Also, 'Sri Lanka' was taken off not long after trending world wide. I know this is not shocking for christians but still, it's alright to mourn for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.