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  1. Josh

    Airliner crashes in southern Iran with 66 aboard
  2. Josh

    Is palm reading legit?

    title says it all
  3. Josh

    Russian fighter jet shot down by Syrian rebels and ejected pilot is killed by rebels on the ground
  4. Josh

    Is it a sin to smoke marijuana recreationally and/or medicinally?

    I have a condition called TMJ, where my jaw clicks and pops due to misalignment. This is caused by the grinding and clenching of my teeth while I sleep, which I have no control over. Nearly every night this occurs and I usually wake up with a painful, inflamed jaw. However, when I smoke or vape...
  5. Josh

    Is it a sin for Christians to get tattoos?

    I've heard solid arguments from both sides of the aisle so I'd love to know what you think
  6. Josh

    Can God perform physically impossible miracles?

    As a Christian, I realize that absolutely nothing is impossible with God. I believe everything that happened in the Bible so of course to me, God has and can perform physically impossible miracles. However, it seems like he doesn't do things like that anymore - or at least not as frequently as...
  7. Josh

    BTS 666

    The MIC Drop Remix is #66 on the Billboard Hot 100 in week 6. Odd...