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    You Think He's Trolling?*phile-011921211.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=fb
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    Hebrew Aboriginals in America

    Long video but informative with sources and the like. @KoncreteMind you may be right @Karlysymon @Serveto If the conclusions in this video are true, who are we sending billions in aid to, who died in the holocaust, who really runs media, why isn't modern day Israel spanning the same land as...
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    The General Distrust Of The Medical System

    We are indoctrinated into believing that the health system and its various alphabet agencies have our health and well being in mind while simultaneously capitalizing off our never ending ailments. So my intent with this thread is to expose the medical system and ascertain the truth of the...
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    The British Royals

    Interesting documentary On Diana
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    Government Shut Down Orchestrated?

    Sorry for the videos
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    The Flu

    Start it off with this.
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    Cloning: Fact or Fiction?

    I'll start with this video
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    Fun Stuff For 2019

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    Dead Sea Coming To Life

    I have pages of articles on this but they more or less day the same things. Mind fully these articles span back to 2010 and in there are articles covering the algae bloom that turned the sea red twice. I don't usually deal in prophecy because I'm not paying attention of the fulfillment might...
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    Everyone Bleeds

    The Telegraph: Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners.
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    Bayer merges with Monsanto Last week sure was busy. One of the cooperate leaders of Bayer later went to Bilderberg from 6/7/18-6/10/18. Pharmaceuticals company just merged with every farmers scourge. Oh the glory!
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    Queen Maxima's sister's suicide Died at 33 from suicide
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    The Creation of Man vs The Creation of Adam

    I never really paid attention but there seem to be two creations but I've never seen or heard an explanation for who the first men were but rather who Adam was. Below verses show the two different(?) Creations and some supplemental verses that I always wondered about
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    Salvation/Born Again

    What do these terms mean? Are they interchangeable? How does the kingdom of heaven/God and Hell tie in? What happens when I confess Christ? First and second death vs first and second birth? I know I know but do I know? So with that in mind let's share what we know or what we think we...
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    The first two sentences are creepy
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    Reduced Natal Care for Minorities

    Earlier this week I was speaking with my midwife friend and she told me from her observations and stats she had collected there was enough evidence to show negligence during births and post natal care of minority and in specific African American women and their children. She claimed that...
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    To what extent?

    How far did ancient Israelite proselytizing reach? I know the intent of God was to have Israel lead the world(ironic twist of events considering the present time) and I also know that He sent prophets like Jonah to foreign lands but how far did they go?
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    After the trial by fire

    What would occur to an individual who after undergoing What Is the applicable context of the below in relation to above I have several impressions but the strongest would be that these verses indicate There are the rewarded and non Life choices will be the factor in trial obviously An...
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    A Millennials Perspective On Church I can agree with everything and I have no urge to attend what I am unable to trust. I know many of the Christians here are older than I, 24, so I ponder the relevancy of this article. I always found church in Acts and etc to be...
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    Bootsy Collins

    I've never really known much about the man mostly because I wasn't part of that generation but I can always recall his funky vocals and bass slaps. For some reason I got interested in researching him and found this interesting excerpt