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    'Thor' and 'Terminator' actor Isaac Kappy dies after jumping from motorway bridge
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    Madeline McCann....

    Ever since the disappearance of Madeline McCann 11 years ago there has always been consistent flow of news, videos etc online about it, it has died down since it happened but there has still been stuff online but Ive noticed there seem to be a lot more videos and articles about this recently...
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    Tom Hanks.......

    So now Tom Hanks might also be a pedo?
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    Zombie Boy Suicide

    Not really a fan of either but this seemed interesting?
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    I hadn't heard of this film before but its a few years old now. I only came accross it because of these analysis videos on youtube!!
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    The Handmaid's Tale

    I began watching this last week, the series was released last year but the name made me think it was going to be some crappy period drama, it is definitely not that at all. Its set in a dystopian future in New York I think or what was once new york, basically the world has declined so much and...
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    R.I.P. Avicci
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    WoW! Corey Feldman Got STABBED TODAY For Telling The TRUTH! Look What They Did To Him! (2018)

    Interesting is all I can say about this. Corey Feldman has been promising to release this information for a long time but recently hes bringing out a book?? Come on! This looks like a desperate attempt to make money, why wouldn't he have just come out with these "perpetrators" by now if he was...
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    An Open Secret

    Hadn't seen this before so I went to look for it, found a link on youtube but had left the window open and less than 12 hours later it had been taken down because of copyright infingement however I found another link but am downloading it with a video grabber, just in case it goes missing again.
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    Auditory Hallucinations Or Something Else?

    I found this article below through a group on facebook and have been reading it, its actually quite intersting. I have had some auditory hallucinations myself although its mostly just things like exploding head syndrome type of thing when am falling asleep, other stuff I used to get was like...
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    sorry if somebodys already posted about this, would like to read a VC analysis of Homeland. Does anybody else here watch it, what do you think of it? Am rewatching and now on season 6, one of the characters played by Jake Weber in season 6 really resembles Alex Jones!? I cant help but feel...
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    How Long Before Korea Starts Ww3....?

    All this weapons testing is makig me nervous, wont be long before they blow us all to smithereens!!
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    Earworms are something that everybody probably gets, apparenlty is fairly common but the last few weeks Ive had them really bad they are affecting my sleep and everything, had them before but in the last few weeks its been so so bad its getting to the point its actually making me feel like I am...
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    Your Funeral Playlist - Morbid But Fun.... I Promise, Sort Of :|

    Ok so am sure all our funerary arrangements will be different but am sure we will all have some kind of music we will want played at our funeral in whatever form that takes, so lets play a game of "Your Funeral Playlist" lol jk but not lol so what is your funeral playlist. I am pretty sure mine...
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    The Grow Room

    Share help and advice on growing your own food at home!! Heres some handy vids to get started!! Definitely check out this guys channel, the music with it is quite hilarious cause its just not the kinda thing youd expect but this guy grows some amazing stuff and for next to nothing and hes...
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    There Are No Stupid Questions.....

    apparently, so lets have a thread about the most ridiculous, outlandish, random but interesting questions and try and answer them, lets try and keep it lighthearted folks!! So my first question is, what is humpty dumpty, most people have always assumed he is an egg and even pictures have always...
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    Life Hacks, Education, Diy, Crafts Etc

    Nothing better than being able to fix or make something for yourself by yourself so share your everything here, DIY, Arts and Crafts, Life Hacks, Tutorials, Hints, Tips everything you can think of. I know I have loads although offhand I cant think of much else but using a rubber glove is great...
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    Non Religion Forum?

    Ok I dont want to argue or fall out with anybody over this but is there any chance of a non religious forum on here, there is a specific religious discussion forum on here but it seems like some topics which aren't religious in nature somehow always still end up with some kind of religious...