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    Cia Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘we Blew Up Wtc7 On 9/11’

    just now watching about the deep state on ......AJ The term "deep state" usually conjures a secretive illuminati that is the real power behind the curtains - made up of spies, criminals, military leaders and businessmen. In the world of US President Donald Trump, it has come to mean the civil...
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    Politics, porn and toxic world of deepfake

    How Machine Learning Drives the Deceptive World of Deepfakes
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    Beautiful Islamic Pictures

    again 'uhibukum fillah' sisters it is refreshing visiting this home -what do we have except His ziker in this world?
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    Politics, porn and toxic world of deepfake

    Deepfakes are videos produced through the use of artificial intelligence. Melding images and sound, using things like face grafts, body transfers or voice imitations, they make people appear to say things they never said and do things they never did. They appear so real it is often difficult to...
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    War in Palestine

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    East and West: The Mystic and The Revolutionary

    yes I know him -he is a controversial figure for some people and use him to discredit the traditionalists =i am happy you download all the books of Guenon -