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    Kanye's new album 'Jesus is King' is out

    It irks me so much to see people so skeptical and in disbelief about his salvation. His lyrics, the way he talks in interviews, his behaviors, they all point to conversion. Is he perfect? No! He’s a baby Christian. He doesn’t at all think he’s God anymore, and it’s unfair to discount this...
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    Kanye West Cult?

    I’m not sure what’s damning about him getting press attention for this. How extremely rare in his business is claiming to be born again and giving up secular music? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Kanye West Cult?

    The way he acts the last few years is indicative that he is not after the acceptance of man, especially in contrast to his early years. “Ye shall know them by their fruits” - his behavior is different. I don’t know if he is truly born again, that article gives me hope and I have ALWAYS felt...
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    Popular Secular Artists & their Jesus Shift

    God is so merciful, He could be using these otherwise demonic platforms for His good!
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    Popular Secular Artists & their Jesus Shift

    Before Kanye was rememberd for his ego, he put out a song called Jesus Walks. He had hints of at least believing in God on his album and it was evident he was raised in church at the very least. It was also evident he wanted fame and money so badly, and to be seen as successful after having been...
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    Travis Barker Speaks Out After Echosmith Drummer, 20, Apologizes for DM'ing His 13-Year-Old Daughter

    So Travis is going to call out this kid when HIS OWN kid has revealing, sexualised photos on her page. She’s a KID. Take away her phone, geez.
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    Travis Barker Speaks Out After Echosmith Drummer, 20, Apologizes for DM'ing His 13-Year-Old Daughter

    She doesn’t look 20?! Wait did you look at her Instagram? She absolutely does and she’s up in there acting like it too.
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    Who are you talking to?
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    Sims 4 Is part of MK ULTRA? Quantum Leaping? Read details

    I’m going to play at see what happens, I love SIMS
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    Roseanne Barr talks about mind control... again

    Yeah the blinking appears to be lying or just uncomfortable? I’ve talked to people acting like this and they’re usually blabbing on and on about nonsense. (And I believe in this stuff)
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    Music Video Of Maroon 5 Ft. Future - Cold

    I never watch music videos, the ones like this are all the same, same imagery, same stupid horns, same theme that has nothing to do with the song, etc. I’ve always been a Maroon 5 fan (except I just haven’t paid much attention to them in the last few years) but is there something with Adam’s...
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    Billie Elli$h illuminauti

    She has always creeped me out. I knew Lovely was about that, you can decipher most lyrics to be about the devil honestly, but I do still think it’s a lovely song (ba-dum-chhh). I do not understand her appeal, however. She straight up looks like a demon in ridiculously baggy clothing. Besides...
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    The new mermaid movie.

    She is GORGEOUS. And she looks a lot like the cartoon Ariel tbh.
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    I’m a bible believing Christian who also believes the conspiracy stuff/this website (obviously). NO ONE wants to ever hear what I have to say about anything haha. I still will discuss with receptive people, some people you just know are insanely hardened to the truth and you can usually tell by...