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    This Has To Stop

    Whats the point? Am downloading now.
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    Predictions...for 2022

    Agreed! People will never learn.
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    Christian Perfection according to the Bible.

    What is Sin Please? To me, It is like telling me that drinking a cup of water in my mind is sin(just example). Its clear seeing how religion plays a deep mind control and is good because if they isnt anything to control man he would destroy this world long ago. You are responsible for your...
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    Predictions...for 2022

    2022 will be chaotic. I mean its gonna be the extremely terrible. People arent seeing and noticing the fixed point of the whole scenario. Everything now is a distraction including this forum, to be sincere this forum is dead and there is nothing useful about it just outdated brain draining...
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    Television: a mass brainwashing machine

    Its a shame we cant resist evil even when it is right infront of us. But, we really need to fully understand it before the control.
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    How to go to Heaven

    Heaven Indeed...
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    Zombie Apocalypse In London

    Today while surfing the net i found this video about a guy saying there will be a real zombie apocalypse in london. Also, In my previous post relating to this thread i shared about alexa saying there will be a zombie apocalypse.
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    Facebook Changes Its Name

    The fact facebook was mark zuckerberg idea doesnt mean it belongs to him. Include whatsapp and instagram.
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    “If God did not create evil then who did? Who has the power of creation in your universe?”

    Since God is the begining of all things, its clear to see that everything even man is wheel under his control. I just found out this morning that i dont know shit and its thought provokes me living a life through the lens of another. In fact, fuck life. War is coming and nobody is ready to do...
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    Netflix Animated New Series - Inside Job

    This netflix animated series is filled with so much information about the perception of reality and the evil rulers, we need to do evil to the evil doers.
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    None Of This Make Any Sense

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    None Of This Make Any Sense

    Tell me - can you see yourself glowing? Where is the begining of your body? Evil is inbuilt and you cant get rid of it.
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    None Of This Make Any Sense

    So much beliefs leads one into a void of massive complication in the mind. The actually fixed point is - life, life is awareness, the rest is just addiction and subtraction from men of philosophy and the rest, this is where the illuminatis thrive to be in power for centuries. I no longer do...