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    Prince -Mind controlled

    For all of you Prince fans; hours of a debunked mindcontrol
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    9/11 -a Nuclear bomb?

    Yeah boom and it also explains the ones claiming they placed bombs in the garage. Now how 'bout that? ;)
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    Freud - A mind control victim?

    I dont have to say anything, this explains so much. I mean a cocaine addict believing boys actually wants to sleep with their mothers, girls wanting to have penises and all of the above.. The guy was crazy. I figured...
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    9/11 -a Nuclear bomb?

    Around 10 minutes in he shows the comparison to a nuclear blast which also explains the cars being half burned because the engine was blasted. To me, it finally looks like an answer that makes sense. Something was still not hitting the spot with DEW's because lasering specific spots still doesnt...
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    Dr. Bill Deagle about the RFID chip and how it works (He worked with the elites technology)

    7 minutes in he starts talking..
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    Islamophobia/Anti Muslim rhetoric

    Yeah YOU'RE the ones that need to worry while us christians gets our heads chopped off, our homes raided, get robbed, beaten, raped and murdered. I hope they ban your people all over the WORLD. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Project Monarch, a must see...

    Project Monarch, a must see:
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    The Finders -A case about SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)

    Ah, damn, didnt know. Thanks! :)
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    NEW RESEARCH INFO: New survivor found

    Damn, that is one good site! Nice find!
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    Muslims domineering

    I just learned that the courahn allows jews to be killed, homosexuals to be killed, unfaithful women to be killed, sex with children is allowed, women who arent muslim are allowed to be raped, democrazy and liberty of speech is not allowed, its allowed to beat your wife and its pro gender...
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    Muslims domineering

    Youre completely right. I've lived among them for over a decade and theyre completely crazy, have no limits whatsoever to their evil and never stops. Imagine a hyperactive demon set on fire and thats them. And just as you say, yes, our media isnt covering it either. Take a look at these cases of...
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    Muslims domineering

    So this happened tonight: They rioted in a smaller city and beat up our police force and a reporter on the spot plus stole his equipment and death threated him on camera. The police seemed to scared to act...
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    Riots in sweden -Police gets beaten up Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte goes to the riots in Trollhättan and gets beat up, gets his equipment stolen and gets death threats (the big white guy). The police was also beaten up. The ones rioting...
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    Try Vitamin B in a dosage of 1000mcg.

    Try Vitamin B in a dosage of 1000mcg.
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    About Greta Thunberg

    Nah its the truth without Political correctness. Anyone can tell something is seriously wrong with her and a person from the Illuminati that tries to mislead an entire generation of kids AND grown ups for that matter about something as serious as this gets absolutely NO respect from me. And if...