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    What are your plans?

    Praying, plodding along and learning! My desire to spend however has depleted which is good for my wallet but not for businesses in general.
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    Prince Charles has it. I'm calling BS.
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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    No, an adequate response and just what I was expecting. A reminder to users in this topic, that despite how popular, international, viral and vibrant the Kpop community/fans most globally it's just simply another genre that exists.
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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    I'm curious to know what @justjess thinks of Kpop. Not the symbolic side that you'd expect here but just a general opinion or thoughts if you have any of the genre. Excluding this forum how exposed are you to it?
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    Random Thoughts

    There's us in virus. x ;) JK! #StayHomeSaveLives
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    Detoxifying your body

    Just food? I'm keen to try this.
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    What are you listening to?

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    Arab invasion

    This whole topic.. So what!?
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    Elites and Celebs Role in the Virus Crisis

    Celebrities doing what celebrities do best outside their main work (acting/sports/performing, etc.) influence..and being a useful mouthpiece for companies, governments, NGOs and the elite! :)
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    Random Thoughts

    A heads up, the algorithm for search engines have changed (temporarily?)..have a search! :)
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    I've seen on r/conspiracy the algorithm on Google and other search engines have changed, possibly temporary. Typically when you searched for conspiracy theory stuff, controversial and shady topics you'd get censored results but now it's what it used to be..for now.
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    Prince William the Antichrist?

    I doubt it lol.
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    Dear V.C

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    Theocratic Israel

    We're waiting @Lisa
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    BTS discussion thread

    I don't follow this group..some of the members have had work done right?