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    What's the most occult elite movie or show of all time? (besides Eyes Wide Shut)

    how about Neon Demon and fashion industry?
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    14 media groups shaping the world

    Organizações Globo These bastards are from my country and they've been social engineering everyone since the 60s. They got rich by supporting the dictatorship we had around that time (1964) and since then people are being fooled by them. They dominate news and entertainment, they are the ones...
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    BTS/KPOP Shipper Mentality

    Thanks for the information! I had no idea korean fans loved it. As for your last paragraph it's so weird that some fans prefer that, but to each their own right? hahaha
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    Alex Jones on Coronavirus

    Exactly! This is why I hate this guy, he choses whatever is hot rn and says the most stupid shit about it so people like us, who waste our times doing proper research to make up our own minds get called crazies. He is here to discredit us.
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    How long will COVID19 (Coronavirus) last?

    I think it will last as long till the end of this season. By this I mean that countries located in north hemisphere will have numbers decreased drastically around April/May and in south hemisphere I think cases will grow after May since winter comes and flu season will start. I hope I'm wrong...
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    BTS/KPOP Shipper Mentality

    I agree this is fan service as it's finest but I thought koreans were very conservatives about homosexuality, do they do this only to please western fans? What do their korean fans think about it?
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    Wikipedia deletes list of climate change skeptics

    What were the reasons they told to justify this?? That "false information" should not be spread? We had something similar here where I live, the biggest (and only) conspiracy forum was closed because a big network channel claimed they were spreading "false information" about vaccines (claiming...
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    Transgender weightlifter wins 9 out of 9 womens' events

    Idk, just trying to be fair with them
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    What would you do if you had Jeff bezos’s $$$

    I 100% agree with this, exactly what I was going to say xD
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    Transgender weightlifter wins 9 out of 9 womens' events

    I know we are in agreement about how unfair this is to the other contestans but I kinda feel bad for the trans athletes because they won't be able to compete in any categories (male or female) and some of them have devoted their lives to sport. Do you all agree that they need their own category...
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    Billie Eilish

    I'm glad we have this topic here. Did you guys see that her James Bond song was just released? I was talking to a friend how I think despite her looks/clothes not being sexualized I think her persona/actions are. Her facial expressions in videoclips, lyrics to some songs, instagram stories...
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    Jeffery Epstein Commits Suicide

    This!! I don't even think he was killed because he could name names, they just want us to move on since he is dead, now we can forget the issue.
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    Holy moly this is creepy as hell for a 19 yo girl..