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    Is Religion A Form Of Mind Control?

    I agree with you 200%!! There is ZERO proof of ANY “religion” being authentic, yet people who I consider to be weak (followers, not innovate, individualistic “leader” types) blindly follow a “blue print” for their lives, which was created by another human being (at some point in time) to CONTROL...
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    Steven Spielberg's daughter launches porn career, says dad supports her ambitions

    I’m a very open minded woman, but this makes absolutely zero sense to me! She “got really tired of not being able to capitalize on her body?!” It’s usually the other way around: Women (and men) in the “adult business” usually get into that biz due to mental health issues and alcoholism, or the...
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    Beautiful Islamic Pictures

    Yeah, that’s a load of bull. Most Muslim men force “their” clearly oppressed wives/girlfriends/daughters to wear all black, extremely hot (the color black attracts heat), “outfits” all year round (I really feel for these women in the SUMMER time; they must be incredibly uncomfortable)! They...
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    We are all Children of God???

    Very interesting. I believe that in (most) (sane-ish), self aware human beings lies both good AND evil. People who are (not) diagnosed with a debilitating mental illness have choices and may have THOUGHTS of doing evil “deeds,” and “acts,” but choose NOT to act on them. I myself am overall a...
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    The End Of Humanity.

    Feminism was a revolutionary movement started by a group of brave and strong, independent women (heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, trans, and pansexual alike) who were sick and tired of simply existing in a sexist, misogynistic, and female oppressed, patriarchal, male-dominated society that...
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    Toxic femininity is real

    ”Toxic femininity” is an absolutely RIDICULOUS “idea.” It makes no sense, and has zero logic to me at all. Just WHO (made up) the (unrealistic and extremely bullsh*t, sexist, misogynistic, nonsensical “rule,” or “idea” of this asinine (I guess we could call it a “word?!”) “problem” (“toxic...
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    Would you date an ugly man?

    No, I would absolutely NEVER date a man who I found to be unattractive/goofy looking. I definitely could NEVER get past the unchangeable reality that I was not physically attracted to him. My boyfriend (in my opinion) is both physically handsome (which leads to him being SEXUALLY attractive to...
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    No regard...for the desire of women

    Raising a family and having children is NOT the “greatest privilege a woman can have!” I absolutely DISAGREE! Just because we have a uterus and vagina and can give birth does NOT mean that it’s all us women are put on this Earth for! Not all of us should be brainwashed and FORCED to get...
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    Why has Feminism caused so many single men to go MGTOW since we keep meeting very mean and nasty women all the time?

    You say “troubled and messed up women CAUSED the mess we’re in today.” We CAUSED it? No, you have that all wrong. We are living end results of beings (women in this case) are ”These troubled, very messed up women” ARE, in fact, the sad, end, tragic result of abuse, sexual harassment, r*pe...
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    Reincarnation Is An Irrefutable Fact

    I would like to believe that reincarnation is a “fact,” but the realistic fact is that not a living souls has ever returned to Earth and told anyone anything about this being true. There is simply zero proof.
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    Have men become obsolete?

    I agree that it is fabulous to stand by your man if he treats us equally as well and is supportive to his female partner’s needs and desires as well. Us women were just not created to be just decorative “helpers” and stand in the shadows silently and be treated as submissive baby machines and...
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    The world is becoming better, in a lot of ways

    Thank you for your positive and uplifting post that focuses attention on your insight on how life has improved in general for us all in society! I read the news daily from several different and varied sources, and sometimes I feel as if I’m reading made up horror stories from the negative and...
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    Sweden gets Islamic prayer callings

    “Westerners” such as myself (an American), and Europeans have every right to have “issues” with the sexist, homophobic, and pro-Sharia Law “religion” called Islam, which is practiced by Muslims. Calling us “Islamophobia” or “racist” will NOT silence me, and my fellow Westerners who are against...
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    Islamophobia/Anti Muslim rhetoric

    The phrase “Islamophobia” makes absolutely NO sense, and was made up to attempt to make free living Westerners like Americans and Europeans feel “guilty” about having (quite realistic) “issues” with Muslims, their “religion” (which is really an ideology) called “Islam,” and their anti-Western...