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    The real mark of the beast: quantum financial system

    Someone gets paid to sell credit cards...
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    Why do people like the idea of vengeance/punishment/retribution?

    I can't recall a time I lashed out in anger and didn't regret it. Anger is a great evil, yet I'm expected to believe a perfect being is going to be so full of wrath an angry god will torture the majority of the human race for all eternity? Why would anyone want to think that? If God is perfect...
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    Yahweh. How many of Him are there?

    No true god would be wrathful for anger is an imperfection.
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    Sailor Moon Eternal Features Incestuous p***philia

    I still recommend it-if you skip past certain scenes, the writing in the later part is superb. You have to take the good with the bad.
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    Regarding Uyghur

    Communism is a sick, evil and Satanic ideology.
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    Sailor Moon Eternal Features Incestuous p***philia

    I love Sailor Moon myself and consider season 3 of Crystal to be a work of art, but there's certainly something not quite right with Rini/Chibiusa's relationships.
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    Sailor Moon Eternal Features Incestuous p***philia

    "Netflix." Says it all, doesn't it? Who wants a betting pool of when Netflix will start airing actual child porn?
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    Sailor Moon Eternal Features Incestuous p***philia

    The new Sailor Moon features Usagi and Mamoru's time travelling five-seven year old daughter (It's complicated.) In one scene while they are at Mamoru's apartment (that's her dad), Chibiusa makes the statement that she wants her father to see her the same way he sees her mother. If this wasn't...
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    The End Of Humanity.

    Are you alright dear?
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    Did everyone enjoy the Capital Coup show?

    That was so staged I'm astonished there wasn't a greenscreen. The "security" let them in and the Buffalo Man was likely there for some sort of occult ritual.
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    Dumbasses is what they are.
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    The End Of Humanity.

    It might not be racial. It could be spiritual. African cultures have issues with summoning evil spirits.
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    Sex positivity is a scam

    There's two extremes. There's the "if you have an erection you have sinned against God" school of thought and the "every abnormal and reckless sex act is okay, forget the fact that you could bring an unwanted child into the world or get a disease" school of thought. Both are wrong.
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    The End Of Humanity.

    Middle Easterners are white. Asians are intelligent, but not in an innovative way. Africans are...God help them. They're not a stupid race, really they're not. Just...something holds them back.
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    Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019, Killing 42 Million People

    I Abortion can be prevented by people keeping their pants on or having protected sex. As for if a woman's life is in danger, yes I am in favor of that. But abortion should not be birth control.