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    Favorite Things Thread!

    Writing Music A spectrum of color / & sound vibrations A universal laguage in -self Emotion and thought
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    Who do Muslims really worship?

    They do recognize JESUS ALL IN ALL...... Alla is " everything " Once told by a Muslim / student of mine When. I was a trainer/ TI , in the Military He was telling me, his is sky- land- water- all things Very matter of fact, in his dialog. No wavering to his ideology. Devoted Sincere CERTAIN of...
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    Philosophical Musings

    We all know there's something missing Still we go on with our lives Alls it takes, is a Man and a Woman The Soul never lies I see it in your eyes l will be. right by your side I just want you to know And help your garden grow The thing we call intuition... Is your soul ..... You can.... Trust...
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    Sight / sound All around Life is for Living Take it all in!