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    What are you listening to?

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    How'd you do?

    How'd you do?
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    Proof That The Illuminati Control The Media

    The research is there but it also requires an open mind. As well as an understanding of the unseen. An understanding or at least recognition of the nuanced. Mainstream media is extremely consolidated. Few conglomerates own the major television networks and "vindicated" news outlets. This means...
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    You Could Never Tell (from Woman To Man)

    Your concerns are understandable. From a religious point of view, God made you the way you are. Whether short, tall, 'ugly', beautiful, man, woman, etc. And because of this, one should make the best of their faculties and imperfections (which we know aren't really imperfections because it's a...
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    Why Do Muslims Do This?

    People who engage in such atrocious acts are hypocrites at best for calling themselves Muslim. Similarly to pedophiles who call themselves priests but go around molesting children. You can't call yourself a person of religion and commit harm to others. Unless it's in self defense.
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    My Trump Questions

    The nonaggression principle. Theoretically, the states would have more freedom to govern themselves. The federal government would assume a much more intended defensive role. Theoretically, socialist and communist communities could exist under a traditional Libertarian government. Everything...
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    Haha, that would be crazy!! Man, I wish it were like that. More people would realize how consolidated the food industry is. What we have now is simply an illusion of choice and competition.
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    My Trump Questions

    I love Libertarianism (: I feel it though, if I understand correctly, Trump is bittersweet. On one hand, he really pissed everyone and everything off that was for the establishment. And he certainly made everyone on that side of the aisle nervous. On the other, he is starting to really screw...
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    Yeah, I actually did not know that some of these crony companies are pushing organic products while also promoting GMOs. This is a list of some those "organic brands". PepsiCo - IZZE, Naked Juice, Simply Frito-Lay, Starbucks Frappucino Coca-Cola - Honest Tea, Odwalla, Keurig/Green Mountain...
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    My Trump Questions

    But you, if I may be so bold, did vote for him because he was the lesser of two evils. The alternative was Hillary Clinton, which even liberals disliked. Like those before him, he continues to flip flop on a lot of issues. Trump has armed the Saudis to continue their massacre of the people of...
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    What was the first article you read by VC?

    Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999). I had always enjoyed movies, even from a young age 8-9 years old. My pops used to take me almost every weekend because he was into them also. Although we didn't watched this one in theaters, I watched it maybe 3x over a span of like 10-12 years lol. I...
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    The Reason Why Saturated Fat Was Demonized

    Cook your omelets with butter. Of course, always be mindful of where your eggs and butter come from. Much healthier than cereal with skim milk. Could eating the right fats save 1,000,000 lives per year?
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    Not sure if anyone has posed this but it's a fairly long list of what not to eat. These "food" companies are associated or part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a crony organization that has spent millions of dollars defeating GMO labeling laws in various states and congress/senate...
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    My Trump Questions

    This may sound far-fetched but the media against Trump narrative is simply a way to legitimize the media and/or Trump, depending on whether a given individual dislikes or likes Trump. On one hand, the mainstream media over the past decade has been losing credibility. In recent years, more...
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    Neturei Karta: Hasidic Jews Who Oppose State Of Israel.

    Those pesky anti-semites! #antisemitism /sarcasm