paul mccartney died in 1966. white genocide is taking place. the titanic was sunk for the insurance money. einstein plagiarized his research. chemtrails are the geoengineering program. fukushima is still spilling out radiation.
AIDS is a hoax. vaccines cause autism. hitler escaped to argentina.
no one was gassed to death during the holocaust. bones of giants have been found and documented. human evolution as we are taught is wrong. NASA faked the moon landing photos, and continues to fake moonwalks and the ISS footage. HOAXES: boston bombing, san bernardino, umqua community college, sandy hook, dallas shooting, orlando pulse nightclub shooting, virginia reporter shooting, manchester... little people exist. the interior of the earth is populated. the gates foundation is sterilizing africa via vaccinations. anne franks diary is a hoax.
if you dont agree with any of the above, GO DO YOUR RESEARCH.


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