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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    which group are they?
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    As usual people are already offended by us... Are our conspiracies disrespectful to the victim families? Thoughts?
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    Those signs definitely say she worships Saturn. But Im just glad until now she hasn't sold out as much as the other singers. But give her some time and she'll do something drastic
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    BTS discussion thread

    I've heard that it's compulsory for some idols to have to consult with therapy or have a therapist with them at times. I guess it depends on how much the company cares... But I think might hybe have it for them, there's no way they're surviving their mental health without professional help. But...
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    BTS discussion thread

    Wheelchair probably cause he's getting obese, maybe gets hard to walk around being overweight. Btss worry about their weight every few episodes and heres bangpedo the billionaire looking round as ever. Sorry but I'll never have any empathy for that man
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    Travis Scott's satanic ritual with 5G and Vaccine

    It was intentional cause they could have easily stopped the concert when they were crying for help, since the concert started there were already mobs forming and barricade breaking. That was a big sign they should have stopped it. They did nothing to save them, they just let them die. The entire...
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    BTS discussion thread

    Don't give them anymore ideas lol
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    What is BTS/KPOP thread? Human or Bot?? Why???

    How is the bts thread related to stalking someone? Bts put their entire life and their art on social media just for everyone to see and people made a discussion thread on it. Similar discussions happen on twitter but here we're discuss their relations to satanic culture as well. And we know...
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    What is BTS/KPOP thread? Human or Bot?? Why???

    Im sure the thread will go back to conspiracies back again in a few months, Ive realized as the members come and go the theme of the thread changes as well. But the thread isn't all gossip, there are some great posts within it I see once in a while. That being said.. accusing members of being...
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    BTS discussion thread

    I used to go through the same thing, its like you like their make believe personas and characters more than the kind of people that they are in real life. I used to daydream + read/make fanfics about them all the time, and I too used it as a coping mechanism for my real life even though i knew...
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    BTS discussion thread

    Probably getting his drug check again..
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    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    I didn't think she would give up that easily. She could be still here lurking or have gone to another forum, either way its her choice. But I don't want to assume the worst, I hope she's still okay.
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    BTS discussion thread

    What is wrong with these idols seriously.. To think there are children depending their life on them, all of this is so messed up
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    BTS discussion thread

    Reminds me of Rosé from blackpink.. She also has the problem of making her voice more nasal and hard to listen to just like Jimin. But his case is not discussed as much because of armys ofc.
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    Light hearted or not: who do you think the antichrist could be

    I think its Elon Musk and Grimes's child. Whatever his name was... X Æ A-12 ...?? I think he has the perfect relation between AI technology and the elite. I doubt any of the old politicians have much time in the world to be an Antichrist. So we'll have to wait till Arch Angel XYZ grows up...